More Spring Cleaning After Expo West 2014

When you’re covering a show that crams nearly 70,000 people, including many with beverage news, it can be easy to pass something significant without a second look. The following list is written so, for the most part, that doesn’t happen. The first part of this list can be viewed here.

Ordered alphabetically, Z-A, by brand:

  • Wholly Oats debuted its two beverages: Apple Mango Peach Spice and Pineapple Spice. The massive show served as the brand’s introduction to the market. The juices are gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free and are blended with oatmeal. George Perez, the founder of Wholly Oats, said that it all started with his grandmother, who  made pineapple juices with spices and oatmeal at the base of the Andes in Manta, Ecuador, a small coastal town.

  • That Indian Drink, which is made with mango lassi and milk from upstate New York, has kept busy in the first few months of 2014. Between Jan. 6 and Feb. 3, the company announced Whole Foods distribution across Oregon, Washington, northern California, northern Nevada, Maryland, Kentucky, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, the Carolinas and Tennessee.

  • Svelte has released its newest flavor: Banana Crème. It is the only ready-to-drink protein shake with organic banana puree, according to the company. The product, made with USDA organic and non-GMO soy milk, is available in 11 oz. single cartons and 4-packs. Svelte Banana Crème contains 11 grams of protein and 5 grams of dietary fiber per serving. Other Svelte flavors include Chocolate, French Vanilla, Cappuccino and Spiced Chai.

  • Stur, a stevia-sweetened water enhancer, made its formal launch at Expo West 2014. The shape of the packaging has a unique look. When you place the 1.4 oz. bottle on a flat surface, the cap points at an angle, representing the stem of fruit that rarely sits up straight. The packaging makes sense for a product that hopes to infuse water across the country with flavors such as Freshly Fruit Punch and Truly PomeCranberry. Stur has no sugar or calories and contains 100 percent of the daily recommended value of vitamin C per serving. The company recently began selling the water enhancers on the Home Shopping Network.

  • Rumble, based in Victoria, British Columbia, made its U.S. debut at Expo West 2014.  The brand aims to find middle ground between its main protein-heavy competition:  Boost, Ensure, Muscle Milk, Core Power and Orgain. BrandProject, a marketing firm that focuses on emerging consumer packaged goods, has made an investment in the company.

  • Purity Organic introduced Watermelon StrawberryAde, the newest flavor in its line of organic juices. The watermelon and strawberry-flavored beverage contains 60 calories per 8 oz. serving and is also made with grape and lemon juice.

  • Pulse Beverage Corporation will soon discover if there’s enough room in the crowded coconut water market for its take: Natural Cabana Coconut Water. The company announced Thursday that the product will be available at 132 Fred Meyer locations in the Pacific Northwest.

  • POM Wonderful debuted a 48 oz. multi-serve package for three of its juice blends: POM Coconut, POM Mango and POM Hula. Available this month, the products have a suggested retail price of $9.99 and are sold in the refrigerated section of mass and grocery retailers across the U.S.

  • O.N.E. Coconut Water has launched a new flavor with a splash of vanilla chai. The look of the package, covered in bursts of orange liquid, brings to mind a comparison of Thai iced tea.

  • NEO launched new packaging for its high-alkaline water, which is now marketed as “The World’s Most Beneficial Bottle of Water.” The 9.5 pH water contains added electrolytes and antioxidants and the new look is designed to “effectively convey the superiority of NEO’s qualities and unique hydration benefits to consumers,” according to founder and CEO Ben Behrouzi.

  • mix1, now under new ownership, has been reformulated and revamped. The line of beverages, which comes in four varieties — Blueberry Vanilla, Strawberry Banana, Chocolate and Mixed Berry — made its return to the market at Expo West 2014. The beverages now contain 26 grams of protein (up from 15) and are wrapped in a black label that features images of the flavors and ingredients included in each variety.

  • LIVE Kombucha Soda has released two new flavors: Dreamy Orange and Sparkling Ginger. The company has also recently secured distribution in Giant Eagle, Ralphs, Fred Meyer, Kroger in Texas, all divisions of Safeway, Bristol Farms and Hy-Vee, among others. The company is now targeting accounts on the East Coast.

  • Little Miracles has added to its variety as the company makes its push in the U.S. market. The company released a new flavor — Lemongrass Tea & Ginger — that features lemongrass tea, orange juice, ginger, ginseng and agave. The new flavor joins the existing green, white and black tea varieties. While Red Bull and Monster have developed a synthetic, jittery perception from a certain demographic, Little Miracles is marketing the concept of organic energy.

  • Jade Monk debuted its matcha tea powders in four flavors: Chai Spice, Cranberry Blood Orange, Lime Blossom and Palau Peach. Inspired by Japanese folklore, the labels certainly catch the eye.

  • HONEST Tea has released a new line of Summer Refresher beverages in five flavors: Original Lemonade, Berry Hibiscus Lemonade, Mango Lemonade, Mint Limeade and Half & Half Tea & Lemonade. The beverages are sold exclusively at Whole Foods nationwide in 32 oz. glass bottles for a suggested retail price of $2.49. Each variety has 70 calories, per 8 oz. serving. The Summer Refresher line is made with Fair Trade sugar sourced from farmers in Paraguay, according to Honest Tea. The company’s Fair Trade premiums will help pay for community development projects chosen by farmers, including between-harvest loans, health care, electricity and public utilities, water purification, school supplies and educational stipends, among others.

  • Harmless Harvest is working on a new label for its raw tea line. The design was on display at the show and better aligns the tea with the company’s white labels for its coconut water.

  • GoodFoods doesn’t use organic ingredients to lower the price of its HPP juice. While this could easily cause problems in the natural channel, the strategy could pay dividends for mainstream retailers. Because of the cost of goods and production, price has been the biggest knock against the growth of HPP juice. However, by commoditizing the price at $4.99 to $6.99 (depending on retailer margins), GoodFoods could pique the interest of a new demographic of juice consumers who can’t afford to drop $10 on a bottle. The product hasn’t yet entered the market, however Kurt Penn, the founder and CEO of GoodFoods, said that the company has been producing test batches for the past two months. Larger-scale production will begin in the next few weeks, leading to the first shelf placement (via self distribution) on July 1, he said.

  • Botan, a pea protein-based functional beverage, displayed its new bottle and label. The 16 oz. glass bottle has a slim look, but not as slim as Sparkling ICE, for example. The label clearly defines the main benefits of the beverage — 12 grams of soluble, plant-based protein and B vitamins. Botan is available in three flavors: Pineapple Coconut, Strawberry Cucumber and Cherry Tomato. The beverages also contain vitamin C, monk fruit, stevia and organic apple juice. The company recently secured distribution in Whole Foods stores across California.

  • Balance Water is proving that cleanses aren’t just for juice brands. The company showcased Balance Cleanse, the latest addition to its line of functional waters. According to the company, Cleanse imparts “a gentle diuretic benefit.” Martin Chalk, the co-founder of Balance Water, says that Cleanse has been gaining traction in Europe. Balance is already available in the U.S., Germany and Australia.

  • Activate has launched a trio of new beverages powered by Solgar Vitamins, a nutritional supplement provider since 1947. The line includes three flavors: Cucumber Lemonade, Peach Mango and Strawberry Watermelon. All three beverages are sweetened with stevia, have no sugar or calories and contain vitamins A, B5, B12 and C. The products have no preservatives and are gluten-free, Non-GMO, vegan-friendly and Kosher certified. They’re packaged in 16.9 oz. BPA-free bottles.

BevNET managing editor Ray Latif and brand specialist Jon Landis contributed to this story. If we didn’t include your brand’s news, please keep us informed by contacting staff writer Max Rothman at