Nature’s Best to Distribute Alkame Bottled Water

LAS VEGAS — US-based Alkame Holdings, the parent company of Alkame Water, has entered into a distribution agreement with Nature’s Best, a wholesaler-distributor in the country.

As per the agreed terms, Nature’s Best will carry Alkame ultra-hydration bottled water, enabling the company to expand its retail presence in the Western US.

Alkame Holdings CEO Robert Eakle said that the company is proud to have teamed up with Nature’s Best as its latest distribution partner for its patented alkaline, oxygenated, and antioxidant enhanced brand of bottled water.

“This new distribution deal will position Alkame ultra-hydration bottled water into an extremely well established natural products retail distribution network and allow us to potentially expand our footprint throughout the Western United States,” added Eakle.

Alkame Water markets and distributes micro-clustered, alkaline, antioxidant and oxygenated bottled water using an exclusive patented formula and technology. Several unique properties of the water allow the body to absorb and utilize it more efficiently and help to achieve an optimal pH balance, claims the company.

The patented Alkame technology is said to increases the available oxygen content and absorbability which equates to more fuel for improved metabolic efficiency, boosted immune system, and improved cardio respiratory function.