NEO SUPERWATER Launches Its Super Water at The 2014 Fancy Food Show in New York

NEOSUPERWATERFast Growing Alkaline, Electrolyte and Antioxidant Super Water Releases its New Packaging to the East Coast

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. (June 26th, 2014) – NEO SUPERWATER™, one of the fastest growing enhanced bottled water brands in the country, today announced the release of its new packaging to the east coast.  The new branding, designed to appeal to a wider audience and draw a clearer distinction against traditional bottled water brands, has dramatically increased velocity on the west coast.  NEO’s new packaging, which began hitting stores on the east coast in June, will debut at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City at Booth #4067 .

“NEO SUPERWATER, with its unique and superior hydration benefits, is the most beneficial bottle of water consumers can purchase in today’s marketplace,” said Ben Behrouzi, founder and CEO of NEO.  “NEO’s new packaging and branding are posting some of the biggest numbers in enhanced water throughout the country,” said Behrouzi.

In conjunction with its new packaging and website, NEO SUPERWATER is launching a new nationwide branding campaign with tag lines “Hydrate Like You Mean It™“ and “The World’s Most Beneficial Bottle of Water™.”  The new brand messaging is designed to help educate consumers and retailers on the benefits of drinking NEO SUPERWATER versus traditional spring, purified or enhanced bottled water.

Available in five different sizes, NEO SUPERWATER™ is a reverse osmosis purified, high pH structured water with the three active benefits of alkaline, electrolytes and antioxidants.  The product’s three combined benefits help the body hydrate, balance and replenish faster than traditional bottled waters.  NEO is 100% fluoride free, lead free and BPA free.

About NEO

NEO is new-age beverage company committed to producing high quality, exceptionally healthy and environmentally conscious products that lift human health and performance.  NEO SUPERWATER™ is a product of NEO Bev Group, headquartered out of San Francisco California.

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