Nestle and LaCroix Debut Flavored Sparkling Waters

Nestle Waters North America Pure Life Exotics Product LineupNestle and LaCroix, two mass-account mainstays, are banking that Americans want a compromise. They believe, as many do, that beverage consumers would still drink carbonated soft drinks if not for the sugar content. So these two brands have kept the carbonation, retooled the flavors and dropped the sweet stuff. The migrants from the cola-drinking population have elevated Sparkling ICE to the pinnacle of the beverage industry. Other brands, such as stevia-sweetened Zevia, have also grown their businesses by plucking purchases from this demographic. And with their latest sparkling releases that will be sold exclusively in Target stores nationwide, Nestle and LaCroix have the same rise in mind.

Nestle Waters North America announced on Tuesday the release of Nestle Pure Life Exotics Sparkling Water, an unsweetened line with a nutrition facts panel that packs more zeros than a Scalabrine box score: no calories, no sodium and no sugar. The line comes in four flavors — Mango Peach Pineapple, Strawberry Dragon Fruit, Tangerine and Key Lime.

Meanwhile, LaCroix has added three new flavors — Apricot, Mango and Passionfruit — to its line of sparkling waters. The new SKUs bring the line to 12 flavors. The company encourages consumers to drink LaCroix either straight from the can or to use it as a mixer.

“The new flavors and packaging jump off the shelf,” Vanessa Walker, SVP of marketing and strategy, said in a company release.

The debuts serve as reactions to more than just a theoretical rise in sparkling beverage consumption. According to Nielsen data cited in the Nestle release, sparkling water and seltzer became the fastest growing beverage category in 2013 with a consumption increase of 9.5 million gallons.

“With such a significant shift in consumer preferences and buying habits, we’ve created a product that will appeal to people who are moving away from carbonated soft drinks and other sugary beverages toward water as healthy hydration,” Gigi Leporati, Nestle Pure Life brand manager, said in the release.

Click here for the full Nestle release. The LaCroix release is below:

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Just in time for summer, LaCroix Sparkling Water introduces three new flavors – Apricot, Mango and Passionfruit are launching exclusively at Target Stores nationwide.

“The new flavors and packaging jump off the shelf,” said Vanessa Walker, SVP Marketing and Strategy. “LaCroix’s three new tropical flavors are trend-forward and unique, appealing to those who have yet to experience their first LaCroix moment – and to LaCroix Loyalists alike. Whether consumers drink straight from the can or use LaCroix as a mixer in a summertime recipes, we anticipate people will continue to switch to LaCroix.”

Passionfruit, Mango and Apricot bring the total LaCroix line-up to twelve refreshing flavors, joining Lime, Lemon, Pure, Grapefruit, Berry, Cran-Raspberry, Orange, Coconut and Pure. The LaCroix Facebook page features news, coupons, promotions and recipes, including the newest summer series recipes featuring the newest flavors. Fans on the LaCroix Facebook page have swelled to nearly 132,000 and engagement is soaring on all social platforms.

LaCroix Sparkling Water serves as a healthy alternative to the many artificially sweetened beverages in the market. LaCroix, a popular brand for over 30 years, is calorie, sweetener, sodium and sugar free and does not contain caffeine. LaCroix is manufactured in 11 local plants throughout the U.S., resulting in a lower carbon footprint than imported competitors and providing American jobs. LaCroix is 100% recyclable and perpetually sustainable in its iconic can packaging. LaCroix, the #1 domestic sparkling water brand in the country, is widely available throughout the natural channel as well as mainstream grocers, mass merchandisers, clubs and drug stores nationwide.

What separates LaCroix Water from other seltzers or club sodas?

LaCroix sparkling water is triple-purified and sourced from 11 regions throughout the United

States. It is naturally carbonated and flavored with all natural fruit extracts. LaCroix is also the only leading sparkling water that is sodium free.

About LaCroix

LaCroix Sparkling Water is a product of the Sundance Beverage Company and is part of the National Beverage family of brands. Innovation is the essential ingredient in the flavorful variety of beverages lovingly invented and created by National Beverage – including such iconic favorites as Shasta® and Faygo® soft drinks, Everfresh juices®, LaCroix® sparkling waters and Rip It® energy drinks.

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