Press Clips: Coke Makes Cuts, PepsiCo Launches ‘Drinkfinity’


Coke Cuts Jobs and Voicemail

Coca-Cola Co. is cutting at least 1,000 to 2,000 jobs worldwide, according to the Wall Street Journal. The cuts come as part of a $3 billion cost-cutting plan that the company announced in October, a response to widespread declining soda sales. Over 10 percent of Coke’s corporate staff, in its Atlanta headquarters and global regional offices are expected to be let go, while employees of Coke’s bottling and distribution end will keep their jobs.

But jobs aren’t the only thing that Coke’s eliminating at its home base. According to Bloomberg, the company has also disconnected office voice mail in efforts “to simplify the way we work and increase productivity,” according to a November memo from Coke’s Chief Information Officer Ed Steinike. The elimination of voice mail will apparently save the company only $100,000, and had more to do with adapting to the times than trimming costs.

PepsiCo Launches Personal Hydration Systems in Brazil

Ad Age is reporting that PepsiCo is testing out Drinkfinity, its new “personal and portable hydration system,” in the Brazilian online marketplace. The reusable bottles, which are used in conjunction with flavored pods, are now available for $34, exclusively at, and only in Brazil. If you’re not up for taking a trip down to Rio just for some flavored water, the company claims “Drinkfinity is coming soon to more countries,” in a post on its website.

Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Pom Wonderful

Reuters is reporting that pomegranate juice makers Pom Wonderful LLC have won a trademark ruling against Pur Beverages, the makers of a pomegranate-flavored energy drink named  “pŏm”. In what is a reversal of a previous lower court ruling, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Pasadena, California ruled that Pom Wonderful will be allowed to take Pur Beverages to court over the product’s name. In an email to Reuters, Pur CEO Robert Hubbard responded to the ruling, saying “They, and numerous other makers of pomegranate flavored products, have widely used the term pom to describe pomegranate flavoring. Just like I do with my product. The term has now become generic, and thus, not deserving of federal trademark registration.”

LeBron James’ Wife Brings Juice Business to Cleveland

Savannah James, wife of Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James, is taking her talents from South Beach to Cleveland, according to the Cleveland Scene. In 2013, James opened The Juice Spot, a cold-pressed juice bar in downtown Miami. Now that she and her husband have returned to Ohio, James is planning on opening up a new location in Cleveland. Earlier this month, LeBron tweeted a photo of The Juice Spot’s products, adding “Headed to the Q with two of my favorite drinks from @thejuicespot1 (Beet Down & Cleanse Me Please). Cleveland coming soon.”

Family Feuds Over NYC Juice Shop Chain

In sadder juice news, a father and son are currently entangled in a lawsuit over popular NYC juice chain Juice Press. According to the New York Post, Juice Press founder Marcus Antebi is countersuing his father David, who sued him in October over the rights to open up a Florida location . David Antebi, who owns one of the store’s 25 franchises is allegedly serving unapproved items at his Upper East Side location, and posting adversarial signs in the store’s window, reading “We are the only independently owned and operated Juice Press store in the chain. We hope you will continue to purchase all your juices, smoothies and food from us.”

Beer and Soda Merchandisers Hard at Work

Photo entertainment website has put together a gallery of some awesome in store merchandising efforts within the beverage aisle of grocery stores. From Guinness tanks to a stack of PepsiCo products making a butterfly, there are a handful of fantastic in store displays to be found here.