Protein2o Available Nationwide at Vitamin World

protein2o 480CHICAGO — Protein2o is thrilled to announce their arrival into all 446 Vitamin World locations nationwide. Now, customers will be able to purchase the innovative protein water where they already buy all of their favorite nutritional supplements.

Protein2o was designed to provide its users with hydration, electrolytes, and 30% of their daily protein requirements, all in a refreshing, great tasting, low-calorie option. It is ideal for the athlete looking to boost muscle growth, the busy professional wanting to shed pounds and boost energy, or the health enthusiast craving a new way to improve their vitality.

As the first beverage of its kind on the market, Protein2o offers a prime opportunity for retailers to attract a new audience. Unlike thick, hard-to-mix shakes, Protein2o offers the protein athletes need in a lightly flavored, ready-to-go, delicious package. The thirst-quenching fruit flavors and substantial punch of protein create a potent combination that nothing else currently on shelves can compare to.

Vitamin World is ecstatic to be adding Protein2o to their trusted product offerings. Since 1976, they have been committed to providing their customers with “nutrition from the source.” This makes their partnership with Protein2o ideal: Both brands are dedicated to improving their customers’ quality of life with products that are made with wholesome, beneficial ingredients.

About Protein2o

Protein2o is the #1 protein water in the world. Headquartered in Melrose Park, Illinois, Protein2o was born of the traditional values of its founders and the idea that there’s a better way to consume the stuff that’s good for you — including the two nutrients most important to our bodies: water and protein. At the time, the notion of protein-enhanced water seemed, well, kinda weird. But, we thought, what if we make it taste truly wonderful? And so, using fresh spring water and natural flavorings Protein2o created low calorie, lightly flavored waters enhanced with electrolytes to keep you hydrated and 15 grams of protein to keep you going. What started as a crazy idea, turned out to be a thirst-quenching, body-nourishing, tongue-tickling treat. To learn more, visit us at or join the protein movement @protein2o.