ROAR Beverages Announces Deal With Bolla Market

roar 150LONG ISLAND, N.Y. — ROAR Beverages announces that it will have a new, direct deal that will place its performance sports drinks in all 36 locations of Bolla Market. The convenience store chain, first founded in 1989, will begin carrying the beverage in their stores through the New York City area, including in Brooklyn, Queens, and on Long Island. This news comes on the heels of ROAR entering a similar agreement with the Fairway Market chain.

“Bolla Market first approached us a year ago with interest in carrying our product,” explains Roly Nesi, chief executive officer and brand architect for the company. “We wanted to wait until we had built up more critical mass and consumer demand before handling a larger chain launch.  We are now comfortable that we can meet the demand of the product being in larger chains, especially considering the success and growth we have experienced over the last year.”

Recently ROAR Beverages announced that its products are moving into being available in more locations throughout the Northeast. With the brand gaining strong momentum in key markets, the ROAR is focused on working aggressively to capitalize on the growing demand, and increasing store placements.

“Bolla has an aggressive mindset that is right in line with ours. They’ve quickly grown from a single store operation to become one of the fasted growing convenience chains in the Northeast,” added Nesi. “The timing is perfect for this partnership, and we have already been getting re-orders in the short time since we’ve launched.”

The ROAR Performance Sports Drinks are currently available in Fairway Markets, which has stores in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, as well as in various other stores. They are currently working with Northeast Beverage Corporation in Connecticut and Rhode Island, Farrell Distributors in Vermont, and Fischer-Thompson Beverages in New Jersey. To learn more about purchasing ROAR Beverages, or carrying them as a vendor, visit the company site at

About ROAR Beverages

Headquartered in Long Island, New York, ROAR Beverages offers a line of naturally flavored, high performance sports drinks. The drinks currently come in four flavors, are caffeine free, use natural sugar, are loaded with electrolytes and B vitamins, and are coconut water based. The company’s products are currently in five northeastern states. For more information on ROAR Beverages, visit the company site at: