SIPP Partners With Real Soda In Real Bottles

SIPP PhotoPHILADELPHIA — SIPP eco beverage co., Inc., creators of the sparkling organic beverage Sipp Sparkling Organics, has announced that they are expanding distribution by teaming up with California-based distribution company, Real Soda In Real Bottles, who will be distributing all four flavors of Sipp Sparkling Organics in the Southern California Region.

“We are very excited to start working with Danny and his team at Real Soda. His experience and expertise will be invaluable to Sipp’s expansion to the Southern California region and beyond,” said Beth Parentice, CEO/Founder of Sipp.

Danny Ginsburg, Founder and CEO of Real Soda commented: “Real Soda is constantly on an endless quest for the most delicious beverages in glass bottles; fully aware that “pallet” and “palate” are not merely differentiated by their spelling.  While the beverage spectrum’s ultimate in mediocrity might be something like the “Big Gulp” which after consuming you’re still not sure if it was cola or root beer… the other, finer end of the spectrum contains complex and savory drinks which are not gulped, but rather… sipped. When we discovered Sipp we realized instantly that we were going to have a great addition to what is perhaps unquestionably the best variety of bottled beverages available anywhere.”

Real Soda distribution territory includes California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, and Nevada. This agreement will allow Sipp to expand into these regions of the US and bring product to many new restaurant and natural market chains.

Sipp currently has distribution in retail stores and restaurants in Northern California, Texas, and across the East Coast. Retail stores include Whole Foods, Food Emporium, Central Market, Balducci’s, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, and Roche Bros.

About Real Soda

Current owner and operator Danny Ginsburg founded Real Soda In Real Bottles in 1991, stemming from his passion for soda in glass bottles and his collection of bottle caps. Real Soda’s mission is to bring real soda in real bottles to consumers across the US.

About SIPP eco beverage co., Inc.

In late 2009, Beth Parentice set out to create a new, healthier soda alternative. After many months of mixing, testing and tasting, SIPP debuted at the Natural Products Expo in Boston and unveiled a brand new line of organic sparkling beverages sweetened with agave. SIPP has received celebrity endorsements as well as awards including Best Beverage of 2011 in Beverage World Magazine. SIPP has also been featured in FOOD & WINE Magazine as well as Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Magazine. Bottles of SIPP can be found in areas where the consumer is looking for unique flavorful healthier alternatives, such as organic restaurants, markets, and cafes. Visit for more information and where to find Sipp near you.