Stop & Shop to Carry A-GAME

ORLANDO, Fla. — All In Beverage, LLC (AIB) is very pleased to announce that Stop & Shop will be the company’s first national Grocery chain to debut their New Age Cross Functional Beverage “A-GAME” in the North East region.  All In Beverage, LLC developed its flagship beverage brand, A-GAME, to fulfill the needs of the next generation athletes and sports enthusiast.

A-GAME is an innovative, Cross Functional Beverage that brings  a spectrum of electrolytes 8 essential vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. A-GAME primary function is to address the consumer needs for rehydration, energy and nutrition. The key distinct benefit of the A-GAME  includes the use of honey for flavor and energy fruit and vegetable juice for coloring and sea salt minerals as a natural  and highly effective alternative for replenishing the body’s water and electrolyte levels. A-GAME contains no artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives. The brand is perfectly formulated for active consumers who work out and engage in physical activities.

As the world knows the term “A-GAME” is the universal call for doing your best, putting in your all and striving for perfection. We at All In Beverage, LLC not only live by that motto, we are making it our goal to spread the concept around the globe. We want every woman, man and child to bring their “A-GAME” in everything they do. The world is in need of some positive momentum and A-GAME with the partnership with Stop & Shop wants’ to be the fuel that powers that momentum.

Stop & Shop’s roots can be traced back to 1914, when the Rabinovitz family founded the Economy Grocery Stores Company in Somerville, Massachusetts. Four years later, family member Sidney Rabb introduced an idea new to retail: the self-service, modern supermarket. By 1947, Economy Grocery Stores had grown into a flourishing chain of 86 supermarkets and the name of the company was changed to Stop & Shop, Inc. In the 1980s, Stop & Shop pioneered the superstore concept in New England, opening the first Super Stop & Shop in 1982. In 1996, Stop & Shop was acquired by Ahold, one of the largest food retailers in the world. Worldwide, Ahold employs 450,000 people and services the needs of 40 million customers in 28 countries every week.

All In Beverage, LLC, is a privately owned company based in Orlando, Florida that manufactures and distributes various flavors of vitamin enhanced premium beverages. Founded in August of 2010, the primary goal of All In Beverage, LLC is give the consumer of today a healthier alternative and to penetrate the enhanced beverage market with a more refined new age concept using only quality ingredients including the benefits of honey for flavor and energy, and sea salt as a natural and highly effective alternative to replenish the body’s water and electrolyte levels.

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