Sunny Delight Joins Roster of SodaStream Partners

SodaStream continues to plunge through the thicket, making deals with brands left and right despite financial turbulence.

On Monday, SodaStream announced that it has reached an agreement with Sunny Delight Beverages Co., according to a joint release. The companies will co-develop flavors exclusively for SodaStream, the at-home soda kit, in SunnyD Tangy Original Orange and Orange-Strawberry, among other varieties. The products are expected to be available in the U.S. in the second half of 2014.

“This partnership highlights our commitment to evolving our business to reflect the changing trends within the beverage industry, providing consumers with new and innovative ways to SunnyD,” Billy Cyr, president and CEO of Sunny Delight, said in a release.

Sunny Delight joins Welch Foods Inc., the grape juice company, Skinnygirl and Ocean Spray, to name a few, as companies that recently joined the SodaStream stable.

SodaStream continues to announce new partnerships despite some financial challenges. On Jan. 13, Forbes reported that the company’s shares tumbled more than 20 percent to a 52-week low of $38.55 and that the company’s net income fell approximately $12.5 million short of its consensus estimate. At press time, SodaStream’s stock sits at $39.09 per share.