TONGO Announces Packaging Refresh and New Distribution in Kroger Ralph’s Stores

Tongo New BottlesAnaheim, CA June 24, 2014 – Coconut water hydration drink TONGO premiered a new revamped look and announced major new distribution in the Kroger Ralph’s Grocery Stores in Southern California today.

“We have accumulated quite a bit of feedback from customers and distributors since launching TONGO in 2011 and decided to revamp the brand with an upgraded bottle and new label, says TONGO LLC founder Paul Tecker.

What makes TONGO special is that it’s a natural alternative hydration drink with refreshing mainstream taste and this new label really does a better job communicating this advantage.”

Kroger has been impressed with the improvements too and placed its first order for Southern California Ralphs grocery stores this month.

TONGO is endorsed and part owned by baseball star Shane Victorino, aka the “Flyin Hawaiian.” Shane is a native Hawaiian and brings a lot of credibility to the hydration power of coconut water, says Tecker.  Shane is currently starting right fielder with the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox and has fans almost everywhere, having also played for the Phillies, Dodgers and Padres.”

To give back and create additional supply, TONGO has a mission to foster a native Hawaiian supply of coconut water.

“As a first step, we founded the Hawaiian Coconut Growers Association, says Tecker.  There are virtually no coconut palms being commercially grown in the United States today and we want to change that.”

TONGO LLC is a California company and the brand owner of TONGO Coconut Water.
For more information, please contact Paul Tecker at 760-231-0806.