TracHealth Launches Kombucha Drink Mix Packets

DENVER — TracHealth has been busy building its innovative and tasty product lineup. The company first made itself known with its CHIA drink mix packets in March 2013, and is now debuting the first ever Kombucha Drink in a powdered stick pack form. The Kombucha Effervescent Drink Mix Packets are made using a unique dehydrated Kombucha tea, contain probiotics (10 billion CFUs), organic acids, and are even bubbly. The new drink packets will offer the consumer the same benefits as the ready-to- drink counterparts but at a more affordable price ($1.69 per packet) and portable option. The tasty flavor profiles will appeal to a broader audience of consumers that do not prefer the strong fermented taste of Kombucha, but the products have just enough of the true Kombucha flavor to please the current Kombucha drinker.

trac health bucha

TracHealth is releasing 3 versions that each have their own additional functionality: Goji Berry Kombucha, Pear Ginger Kombucha and Acai Blueberry Pomegranate Kombucha.

The Goji Berry Kombucha is an energy blend that has 75 mg caffeine from White Tea Extract and contains Maca Powder.

The Pear Ginger Kombucha formulation contains ingredients to support digestion such as papaya and a healthy dose of ginger root.

The Acai Blueberry Pomegranate Kombucha is geared towards those seeking a high Antioxidant Blend.

These Kombucha drinks will be debuted at TracHealth’s booth at the Natural Products Expo East, booth 8312 in the NEXT Pavilion, in Baltimore, MD.

About TracHealth

TracHealth has been selling natural health products since 2002 under its parent company, Trac Distribution Corp. TracHealth’s mission is to provide innovative functional food and beverage products that taste great plus fulfill a variety of needs using the best ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer. The company aspires to help health conscious consumers by providing purposeful products to meet their nutritional necessities that they can easily incorporate into their busy daily lives. It’s goodness to go!

TracHealth successfully launched its own line of unique Chia products in March 2013. The products can be found nationwide and in Canada. The company prides itself in having created innovative tasty health products made from superfoods paired with real fruit, vegetable, greens, algae and tea extracts. The 4 flavors include: CHIA + Strawberry Lemonade, CHIA + Coconut Water, CHIA + Blackberry Hibiscus Green Tea and CHIA + Superfoods. The company’s Chia drink mixes are all non-GMO, certified vegan, dairy free, soy free, and gluten-free. The CHIA + Blueberries, Cranberries, Nuts & Dark Chocolate Bar was launched in March 2014 and is also non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and filler-free.

The company mainly works directly with Independent retailers and chains including Whole Foods, King Soopers, Earth Fare, Akin’s Natural Foods and Chamberlin’s Natural Foods, but expanded its reach through United Foods Inc. (UNFI) Distribution in August 2014.

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