‘tude Launches Four New Flavors

tude marionberryPROSSER, WA (June 17, 2014) – ’tude™ Juice is launching four new cold pressed, high-pressure processed (HPP) juices: Apple Marionberry, Apple Cranberry, Apple Blueberry, and Apple Ginger + Turmeric. The new additions to the ’tude™ Juice line will be available exclusively in five Whole Foods regions during July and August and to retailers nationwide beginning September 1st.

The Whole Foods regions are Pacific Northwest, Northern California, Southern Pacific, Rocky Mountain, and Southwest regions. There are 166 stores in these regions. Co-founder Andy Knowlton said, “We are really excited about the new fresh juice blends and our partnership with Whole Foods. Whole Foods distribution means a lot to us, especially because we are a small, young company.”

Each new flavor offers an exciting fresh fruit taste. Apple Marionberry is unexpectedly complex, yet refreshingly frisky. Apple Cranberry is a tangy, sweet meeting of opposites – a tart tease with sensually sweet apples. Apple Blueberry is surprisingly sweet and bursting with yum!….while Apple Ginger + Turmeric is spicy, earthy, and bag packing exotic!

About ’tude™ Juice Company

’tude began its journey in 2010 in the kitchen of two friends and co-founders Andy Knowlton and Cedric Chastenet. Inspired by home juicing, Andy and Cedric were determined to make a fresh, high quality apple juice, which reflected the quality of the apples grown in the Pacific Northwest. They have achieved that goal with a cold-pressed, unfiltered apple juice that is pressed in small batches using fresh, unpeeled apples. The fresh juice is bottle cold and processed under high pressure rather than heat; providing the benefits of fresh fruit taste while preserving more RAW nutrients. The result is a fresh juice that unabashedly shows its true colors, even if they are shockingly unexpected.

Each bottle of ‘tude contains all the nutrition and antioxidant goodness of three whole apples. ’tude™ juice is simply good to the core! For more information about ’tude please go to http://www.Tudejuice.com, follow us at @tudejuice, like us at https://www.facebook.com/tudejuice, and follow us out on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/tudejuice.