Video: Expo West 2014 Profile — Omgblends

When you’re busy producing episodes of Survivor and The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, it’d be reasonable if you didn’t have time to sprout your own almonds and make almondmilk. But Luciana Brafman-Bienstock does it anyway so you don’t have to.

Alongside Julia Tai, co-founder, Brafman-Bienstock has launched Omgblends, a brand of meal replacement smoothies and flavored almondmilks. And even if you’re not working with the people who live in the CBS version of wilderness or those who adulate Lady Stewart, free as an untouched hibiscus flower, you’ve still probably got lots of stuff to do.

That’s the idea behind meal replacement beverages. When you’re busy dropping kids off at school, working, working out, picking up kids from school, producing elimination-style television, it can be nice to maintain a healthy diet without putting in the time typically required to do so.

“It takes so long to prepare healthy meals,” Brafman-Bienstock said.

The luxury of eating well without putting in the time was once reserved for those able to finance a maid or butler. Now, replacement beverages are stepping up and Omgblends wants a piece of the pie, which already includes brands such as Suja and Sambazon.

Like any entrepreneurs, Tai and Brafman-Bienstock encourage trial of their products. However, in the embedded video, which was filmed at Natural Products Expo West 2014, Brafman-Bientock explains the ideal Omgblends consumer: meal replacement smoothie for breakfast, protein and veggies for lunch, almondmilk for a snack, meal replacement smoothie for dinner. To fit your schedule, rotate meals as you wish.

This kind of dedication is asking a lot of consumers, but Brafman-Bienstock believes that the health benefits and versatility of the program will more than compensate for the necessary adjustments.

“It’s something that’s flexible, fits in your everyday life,” she said. “You’re not going to be starved of nutrients.”

Watch the video above to learn more about Brafman-Bienstock’s plan with Omgblends.