Video: Expo West 2014 Profile — Vertical Water

Until distributors, retailers and consumers try maple water, they often hold expectations that don’t mirror reality.

Rudy Quagliuolo, executive VP of Vertical Water, says as much in the video above, which was filmed this past weekend at Natural Products Expo West 2014 in Anaheim, Calif.

“Whenever they try it, they expect something different,” Quagliuolo said.

They hear the word “maple” and think about syrup. They expect something thick. But when consumers first try Vertical Water, they notice that its viscosity isn’t much different from spring water and are often pleasantly surprised, Quagliuolo said.

There are two main factors that Quagliuolo believes will help Vertical Water expand its distribution footprint and mesh with consumers: the functionality and the cause.

Sure, Vertical Water boasts a number of the health-oriented qualities that are near must-haves at a show like Expo West, such as its low caloric profile (15 calories per serving) and low sugar count (3 grams per serving). However, Quagliuolo also touts the nutritional content of maple water, which includes manganese and calcium. The minerals are said to support bone strength and formation, according to health website WebMD.

Quagliuolo is also hoping to reach consumers through his product’s pro-forest cause, from which the brand gets its name. Vertical Water sources its sap via Feronia Forests, a company that aims to sustain forests. As Quagliuolo explains, Vertical Water encourages the idea of keeping trees vertical (as opposed to cutting them down) by offering another source of revenue for forest owners.

Watch the video above to hear Quagliuolo’s take on Vertical Water and the company’s positioning amid a growing number of water products attempting to emulate the growth and popularity of coconut water.