Video: Spindrift Founder Talks Ginger Beer, Why Taste is Everything

As the CEO and founder of Spindrift, a line of sodas and seltzers infused with fruit pulp and juice, Bill Creelman is well aware of the challenges in working with fresh ingredients. Since the launch of the brand in 2010, Creelman has been in the trenches, figuring out ways to blend water, fruits and berries into a carbonated beverage, and although the process has been rigorous, it is worthwhile, as he notes that fresh ingredients are “ultimately what makes our product different.”

Yet, nothing could’ve prepared him for difficulties in creating Spindrift’s newest product: ginger beer.

In an interview filmed within Spindrift’s orange-tinged booth at the recently held 2014 Summer Fancy Food Show, Creelman explained that because Spindrift’s offering is the first ginger beer made with fresh lemons and fresh ginger, its development was a tremendous undertaking, with months of trial and error before achieving the right mix of ingredients. And while he and his team are satisfied with the end result, the production remains a hefty undertaking.

“Ginger is incredibly sinewy and not all that moist,” Creelman said. “And so it took about 2,500 pounds of ginger to make 500 cases of ginger beer.”

Creelman explained that Spindrift worked with a company that produces cleanse beverages on the formulation of the ginger beer, and noted that “we’re never keeping any product on hand, and starting from raw ingredients every single time.”

In this video, watch as Creelman discusses more about the creation of the ginger beer, as well as why Spindrift focuses on taste above all else as the central point of difference among competing soda brands. Creelman also delves into the company’s retail and distribution strategy as a “farm-to-table soda solution.”