Vital Now Juicing for NYC

original-16-11-vital-grapefruitNearly four months after its launch of a juicing facility in Southern California, Vital Juice has announced its arrival in the New York City market. The company, which has a strategy of building a national network of “micro-juiceries,” recently opened up shop in Englewood, N.J. where Vital will produce its line of organic, cold-pressed, high pressure processed juices for distribution in metro New York.

Vital’s business is predicated on a model in which the company builds regional production facilities where juice is made with locally-sourced ingredients, cold-pressed and quickly sent to retailers. The goal is to offer consumers in densely populated areas access to ultra high quality and fresh bottled juices.

The company has signed on with Rainforest Distribution as its wholesaler for metro New York and landed retail authorizations with a number of independent grocers, including Westerley Market, Zeytuna and Forager Market. Vital Juice is also carried by online retailers FreshDirect and Good Eggs for distribution in the area.

New York is the first East Coast expansion for Vital Juice, which launched in Seattle in mid-2013. However, CEO Edward Balassanian said that the company is looking to continue its foray into new markets across the U.S. with facility launches in San Francisco, Austin, Chicago and Miami planned for the coming year. Balassanian noted two keys to the development of new operations: locating space that can house commercial cold-pressing and bottling equipment, and partnering with an anchor retailer for each market.

Here is Vital Juice’s full statement about the launch of its Englewood facility:


(NEW YORK, NY) December 2, 2014 – Locally-pressed, organic juices from Vital Juice are now available throughout the New York City metro area. Hand-crafted from 100% organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables, without added sugar, fillers, flavors or extracts, Vital Juice offers a wide selection of nutrient-dense and delicious juices and nut milk blends.

Launched in Seattle in the summer of 2013, Vital Juice quickly became the leading cold-pressed juice in the Pacific Northwest. With its mission of providing locally-sourced and locally-pressed juices in each major metro market, Vital Juice brings its micro juicery concept to the New York City area where it will locally-craft premium juices from its new
juicing facility in Englewood, New Jersey.

Vital Juice is rapidly expanding distribution, and will be initially available online at Good Eggs and Fresh Direct, and also available through a variety of independent retailers throughout the New York City metro region, including Westerley Market, Zeytuna, Forager Market, and more.

Vital Juice is the only national juice brand that does not use any pre-processed ingredients.; juices made from 100% fresh whole fruits, vegetables, and nuts – exactly the way nature intended.

All Vital Juice drinks are nutrient-dense – absent of commonly used “fillers” such as added water, celery juice or apple juice. Vital Juice employs High Pressure Processing (HPP), a method of preserving and sterilizing food by processing it under very high pressure to ensure it is naturally safe to drink and that all the vitamins, enzymes and nutrients stay in-tact. “Vital Juice is carefully crafted to yield high nutrient density, great taste, and likely the only juice that never uses extracts, frozen, or processed ingredients,” said Edward Balassanian, Founder and CEO of Vital Juice.

“Our new New York City micro-juicery lets us source the freshest, local produce and offer cold-pressed juices at convenient locations. That, in addition to our accessible price point – starting at $4.99 – assures that we’re giving our customers compelling value.”

Packed with vital nutrients and essential enzymes and 100% juice, the Vital Juice line-up features 11 unique flavors, including:

Vital Juice Classics
10-ounce / $4.99
Greens, Beet, Grapefruit, Citrus, Coconut Water, Almond Milk,
and Watermelon (summer seasonal)

Vital Juice Blends
10-ounce / $4.99
Almond with Green, Almond with Carrot, Almond with Beet
and Almond with Citrus

About Vital Juice

Based in Seattle, Washington, Vital Juice is a premium fresh juice company, committed to providing delicious vitality and nutritious juices made from 100% organic produce. Vital Juice offers a colorful portfolio of cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices that are safe, healthy, vegan, GMO-free and never heated or frozen. Vital Juice is proud to source
fresh produce and hand-press all of their juice locally, with plans to operate microjuiceries across the country including Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. To learn more about Vital Juice, visit, or connect on Facebook and Twitter.