Vitaminwater Revives Original Formula

Well, that was quick.

Less than two months after Vitaminwater changed its formula by using a blend of cane sugar and stevia, the brand has brought back its original formula.

Immediately after Vitaminwater announced the stevia addition on June 12, fans littered the brand’s social media pages with harsh, often vulgar repudiations. Then, on Thursday, Vitaminwater released the following on its Facebook page:

vitaminwater rewind

As one might expect from this unusual form of conciliation, fans have reacted quite positively to the latest news.

vwater reax 1

vwater reax 2

The Vitaminwater Facebook post includes a link to further explanation of the move, which notes that production will begin in August, product will hit shelves in the fall and it will be available nationwide by the winter.

After the explanation, there’s a clickable “shout” bar that gives fans the chance to send comments, questions and complaints. The first question on the programmed inquiry says: “need to get something off your chest? go ahead and pour your heart out. we’re listening.”

Also note: The Coca-Cola Co., which owns Glacéau, the parent company of Vitaminwater, isn’t the only cola giant willing to hit the redo button because of public outcry. In January 2009, PepsiCo changed Tropicana packaging to a more generic design, only to be met with heavy backlash from its fan base. One month later, the company brought back the original design, which features a straw protruding from an orange.