VOSS Launches ’31 Days to Make a Difference’ Promotion

NEW YORK — Voss Water has announced the launch of a first quarter promotion in support of Voss Foundation’s effort to provide access to clean water to communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. In its 4th year, the promotion is called 31 Days to Make a Difference. As always, it runs during a period which begins on World Water Day (March 22nd) and ends on Earth Day (April 22).

When asked about the reason for this type of promotion Ken Gilbert, CMO stated: “Voss strives to build equity based on three core brand values—purity, distinction and responsibility. This activity demonstrates that Voss the company is responsible in its effort to improve the lives of people in need of clean water.”

In its 4th year, the theme in 2014 is “Living Well”.  Shown on Voss’ Facebook page over the 31 days will be pictures of an actual well in the process of being built, accompanied by stories and interviews with the people impacted. It will illustrate the mission of Voss Foundation while educating people of the need for clean water in Sub-Sahara Africa.  There is also an interactive map that allows Facebook fans to learn about specific communities and the people impacted by wells the Foundation has built in the past. Tenthwave, based in New York, is the digital agency that developed the concept as well as the Facebook based app for the promotional program.

31 Days to Make a Difference is a national promotion supported by point-of-sale in retail. In 2013 the same promotion received widespread support through the participation of more than 20 major supermarket chains. Consumers will be exposed to more than 2 million impressions generated by social media on Facebook and Twitter.

Voss Foundation is dedicated to providing access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene as a means to enable community-driven development in Sub-Saharan Africa and raising awareness of the ongoing need in the region. Since our inception in 2008, Voss Foundation has helped to build 68 water access points and 159 sanitation facilities in 6 countries, changing the lives of over 100,000 people in Kenya, Mali, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, and Swaziland.

VOSS Water comes from an artesian spring in a sparsely populated area on the southern tip of Norway. Confined in an aquifer deep beneath the earth, its pristine natural condition is protected from the source to the bottle.  Naturally low in sodium and other minerals, VOSS has a fresh clean refreshing taste perfect for all hydration occasions and is also the choice of world renowned chefs wishing to enhance a fine dining experience. Recognized for its distinctly iconic bottle design, VOSS is now offered at the finest hotels and restaurants in 50 countries worldwide. VOSS is available in both still and sparkling.

VOSS takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to environmental stewardship by committing to the ongoing pursuit of 100% carbon neutrality. VOSS supports the Voss Foundation–a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to clean water to communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and raising awareness of an ongoing need in the region.