When Snow Strikes: A Whole Foods Case Study

Photo credit: Jessica Sidman, Washington City Paper

A few inches of snow are apparently all that’s needed to drive denizens of Logan Circle in Washington D.C. from upscale restaurants and theaters into bunkers shouting “code red.”

Sweet, sweet panic. It’s given us a great lens to analyze shopping habits.

Washington City Paper conducted a slightly profane but still apt case study of the Logan Circle Whole Foods: “Shit Whole Foods Ran Out Of.” Reporter Jessica Sidman writes that on Wednesday, with snow looming, lines stretched two lengths of the market. She also took photos of 12 items that, by 8 p.m., were out of stock or close to it.

On the beverage side of things, Sidman notes the absence of Q Tonic and agave-sweetened ginger ale, as well as Tropicana orange and grapefruit juices. For those of you interested in the food side of things, there was a run on dried mango slices, peanut butter and gelato flavored dark chocolate, salted caramel, Tahitian vanilla, Sicilian pistachio and black cherry. So, beverage entrepreneurs, start developing flavors.