X-Treme PH Sports Water Available at Walmart

xtreme ph waterWestern Ouachita Parish’s Tedeton family has long been known for its Miracle II soap products, which were developed by the late Clayton Tedeton and still sold globally. But now the next two generations, Kirk Tedeton, Sr. and Kirk Tedeton, Jr. have entered the $14 billion bottled water market.

The family, along with Vice President of Sales John Miller, scored a breakthrough recently when it convinced Walmart to stock the company’s X-Treme PH sports water in 13 stores regionally.

“That was a big deal for us; something we’ve been working on a long time,” Miller said.

X-Treme PH is a high alkaline water that allows for faster absorption into the body’s cells for hydration. Kirk Tedeton, Sr. said other companies use electrolysis to produce high-alkaline water, but X-Treme PH is produced “using a plant derived mineral mix that holds the PH longer, ” He said “We’re the only ones who can do that.”

X-Treme PH is bottled at a North Carolina plant the Tedetons said is capable of producing 20 truckloads of the bottled water per day, which they say is critical as they expand into other states.

“We’re already moving into Texas and Arkansas, but we are also going to expand to Florida, California, New York and throughout the East Coast where the people are,” Tedeton said.

Locally the water is available at Walmart and convenience stores, where it costs about $1.30 per bottle. Choice Brands is the Tedeton’s local distributor.

“We’ve been making the natural soap products for 32 years, and they’re still going strong,” Tedeton said. “But this product is going to help us expand the company with an even greater reach.”

The company created an eye-catching label necessary to compete for shelf space.

“The lime green, red and black label is so far out of the box it catches people’s attention,” Tedeton said. “You need to be dramatic when you’re fighting for shelf space.”

Kirk Tedeton, Jr. is working to build national brand awareness.

“We’re going to the industry shows to get our name out there so people are more familiar with us as we expand,” he said.

The family built local brand loyalty by donated cases to races, sports teams and others.

“People love it when they try it,” Kirk Sr. said. “We know we have a winner.”