XYIENCE Partners With Polar Beverages

XY_UFCXYIENCEinOneXYIENCE announced Wednesday that it has reached a new partnership with Polar Beverages for distribution of its sugar- and calorie-free Xenergy line in the New England market. The deal will expand XYIENCE’s retail presence in grocery and specialty stores and convenience chains such as Sunoco A+, Circle K, Alliance Energy and Nouria.

As of May 31, XYIENCE’s year-to-date sales were up 36 percent in the Northeast, according to a company release.

XYIENCE’s president John Lennon said in the release: “New England is an important growth area for XYIENCE and we’re confident that…our relationship with Polar will mean success for our brand in the region.”

The deal with Worcester, Mass.-based Polar, one of the largest independent distributors in the region, is the next in line for one of the busiest companies in the energy drink space. On April 25, the company announced that it has renewed its endorsement deal with Ronda Rousey of the UFC. On April 30, XYIENCE announced a new partnership with Davis Beverage Group, which distributes the brand in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of Western New Jersey. In the beginning of May, the company announced its ‘Power to Win’ advertising campaign for the summer and its corresponding ‘Power to Win’ team of athletes.

One thing to not rule out: perhaps XYIENCE wooed Polar with its Las Vegas perks.

The full release is below:

LAS VEGAS — XYIENCE Xenergy, the official energy drink of the UFC®, announces that a new distribution partnership with Worcester, Massachusetts-based Polar Beverages will expand the brand’s presence in New England. Polar will offer all eight flavors of Xenergy energy drinks, the first sugar- and calorie-free energy drink line.

The relationship that kicked off on June 2 means potential shelf space for Xenergy in thousands of retail doors, including convenience stores like convenience like Sunoco A+, Circle K, Alliance Energy and Nouria, along with grocery and specialty stores, both major chains and independents. XYIENCE will support the relationship with online and in-store promotions designed to appeal to New England area consumers.

“Polar Beverages has a long history of success working with unique beverage brands that appeal to the consumers in the healthy and active lifestyle space, so they are an ideal partner for XYIENCE Xenergy,” said John Lennon, XYIENCE’s president. “New England is an important growth area for XYIENCE and we’re confident that with our relationship with Polar will mean success for our brand in the region.”

This news coincides with very positive sales results for the energy drink brand. As of May 31, XYIENCE’s year-to-date sales were up 36 percent in Northeast region. “This is an ideal way to kick off the summer in the Northeast,” added Lennon. “Our relationship with Polar is sure to carry that momentum forward.”

For more information about XYIENCE, please visit www.xyience.com.

About Polar Beverages

Polar Beverages is the largest privately owned, soft drink bottler in the United States. The company traces its history to 1882 and has a long established reputation for quality, strong customer relationships and brand loyalty. Polar’s business segments include the company’s flagship Polar brand, franchise national brands, new- age brands and private-label brands. In addition to its own drinks, Polar distributes a range of national beverage brands For more information, please visit www.polarbev.com.

About XYIENCE (pronounced zy-ince) 

Headquartered in Las Vegas, XYIENCE’s sports nutrition products, which include Advanced Protein Complex, Pre-Workout Booster and Thermogenic Fat Burner, among others are designed to support an active and healthy lifestyle. The brand’s flagship product is Xenergy (pronounced zen-er-gy) –the official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®). Launched in 2006, Xenergy is the first energy drink created by a nutrition company and the fastest growing brand in its category. Xenergy is a sugar-free, zero-calorie beverage that is made with all-natural flavors and colors. Xenergy energy beverages are available in Frostberry Blast, Cran Razz, Fruit Punch, Mango Guava, Blu Pomegranate, Cherry Lime, Tangerine and Melon Mayhem. The Xenergy energy family also includes: Xenergy + Lemonade Pineapple and Raspberry and Xenergy + Tea Honey Ginseng and Raspberry Acai. Xenergy + Hydration Grape and Tropical Punch are non-caffeinated beverages fortified with electrolytes and a blend of B vitamins.

Find these and other sports nutrition products from XYIENCE online at www.xyience.com, or at a retailer near you. Or connect with XYIENCE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.