Caffeinated Club Adds Distribution in Southern California with Gourmet Purveyors International

caffeinatedclubLOS ANGELES, March 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Caffeinated Club, a recently-launched line of naturally flavored club soda with the added benefit of caffeine and no sugar or artificial sweeteners, is pleased to have entered a distribution agreement with Gourmet Purveyors International in Los Angeles.

Caffeinated Club launched in the Los Angeles market this past winter and aims to transform the way America gets its daily caffeine as health-conscious consumers steer away from energy drinks and colas. The agreement will cover two major counties in Southern California.

“Gourmet Purveyors is an outstanding choice as a distribution partner, not only in Los Angeles, but as we expand into other markets in the near-future,” said Rocky Mosele, President of Rocky’s Beverages, who owns and operates Caffeinated Club.

“Caffeinated Club has created a new segment in the beverage industry—there is no other product on the market currently like it,” said Jon-Paul Chevalier, Brand Director of Gourmet Purveyor International. “We are very excited to make it more accessible to consumers in California.”

Caffeinated Club is currently manufactured in Glenview, Illinois. Each plastic recyclable bottle contains 12-ounces of carbonated water, and is currently offered in five flavors:  Lemon, Raspberry, Orange-Grapefruit, Watermelon and Clear.  Caffeinated Club contains no sugar, calories, or artificial sweeteners. Caffeinated Club is best served on its own, during any time of day, and makes a terrific mixer.

About Caffeinated Club
Caffeinated Club is a clean, lightly flavored soda water with caffeine, the equivalent to a can of cola. It’s the perfect alternative for health conscious individuals to get the caffeine boost they crave without any sugar, calories or artificial sweeteners.

About Gourmet Purveyors International
Gourmet Purveyors International (GPI) distributes healthier snacks, beverages, and fine foods.  GPI was founded in 2006 and serves over 900 retail stores in Southern California.  Its focus is identifying “trend forward” and emerging brands in the marketplace and bringing them to market in Southern California. GPI distributes over 100 brands and continues to add specialty products to its portfolio.