Distribution Roundup: Maple Waters Increase Their Presence on Both Coasts

DrinkMaple.FrontTwo upstart maple water brands are expanding their presence on the coasts. Boston-based DRINKmaple has elicited the services of Rainforest Distribution to bring the brand to the New York City metro area, landing on the shelves of 100 stores including Fairway Market. HPP maple water makers Happy Tree on the other hand, have entered Whole Foods’ Pacific Northwest region. The brand is now available at over 150 Whole Foods stores across five regions.

Four months after the company’s acquisition by mix1, No Fear has announced new placements at Albertson’s Grocery stores. The brand will begin moving into 100 Albertson’s locations within the grocer’s Southwest region. Meanwhile, mix1’s flagship protein shakes have made some distribution gains as well, entering Bashas’ supermarkets throughout the state of Arizona.

Humm Kombucha has signed on with Los Angeles-based Haralambos Beverage Company to distribute Humm throughout Southern California. The brand’s also expanded into Colorado by way of a newly announced distribution agreement with Natural Grocers.

Ahead of announcing the company’s foray into sparkling and glass packaging, Icelandic Glacial revealed significant expansion on both coasts. The brand is now available at 175 Duane Reade locations as well as all Fairway Markets in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. In Northern California, Icelandic is entering all Raley’s, Bel Air and Nob Hill Foods stores.


  • Invigorade is now available at at Haggen Southwest and select Jensen’s locations.
  • Wanu, the beverage formerly known as Flurowater, has hit 450 Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide, as well as the company’s Super Supplements locations in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Protein2o has been picked up at Giant Eagle, the Pittsburgh-based grocery chain with stores in its home state of Pennsylvania as well as Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland.
  • ChaiElixir is partnering with greater Atlanta distributor Maker’s Delight to bring its sparkling chai teas to the peach state.
  • Romanian spring water  AQUA Carpatica is making its U.S. debut at Sprouts Farmers Markets.
  • Sunny Delight’s Sparkling Fruit2O is heading to Canada after previously only being available in the United States. Retailers like Sobey’s, Loblaw, Metro, Real Canadian Superstore, Fortino’s and Maxi will now
  • ICONIC’s Chocolate Truffle and Vanilla Bean protein drinks are now available at Walgreen stores in the brand’s home state of Louisiana.