INVIGORADE Now Available at Bristol Farms

Tropical_Punch_450H_largeHermosa Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 18, 2015 — INVIGORADE LLC is pleased to announce that Bristol Farms is now selling INVIGORADE Endurance Drink at its locations throughout California. After recently striking a deal with another chain store, Bristol Farms marks the next progression for the brand, which is shaking up the sports drink market with its emphasis on natural ingredients and its unique performance-boosting formula.

“It’s great to get into Bristol Farms,” says INVIGORADE president and CEO Dan Morad, “We want to partner with other companies that share our commitment to a healthier and more natural alternative to the norm.”

INVIGORADE was developed for the serious athlete looking to maximize endurance performance. However, the company recognized that the desire to remain fit and be competitive burns in athletes of all levels, since at the end of the day, everyone needs to “Keep It Up!”. INVIGORADE is made with ingredients like pure cane sugar and sea salt. It has consequently been a hit amongst athletes across a spectrum of sports including runners, cyclists, triathletes, obstacle course racers, and CrossFitters, but it is quickly catching on in the broader marketplace.

Pat Posey Vice President of Sales and Advertising for Bristol Farms added: “Bristol Farms shoppers are very particular about the types of products they expect to find in our stores. INVIGORADE meets those high standards. We’re pleased to carry it in our stores.”

INVIGORADE plans to expand the availability of their tasty line of endurance drinks at other fine stores in the near future.

INVIGORADE is a natural endurance drink company based in Hermosa Beach, CA. Their beverage contains up to 50% less sugar than other sports drinks resulting in a light flavor that is easy on the stomach. Their motto is “Keep It Up” because their formula helps you keep it up in all aspects that matter: energy, hydration, and muscle pH. INVIGORADE is the only beverage in the world that is self-determined GRAS for use of the amino acid CarnoSyn® ß-alanine, which helps delay fatigue by keeping up muscle pH, giving it a unique performance advantage over conventional sports drinks. For more information about INVIGORADE, visit