INVIGORADE Now Sold at Gelson’s Markets

INVIGORADE Bottles_Small_TransparentHermosa Beach, CA (PRWEB) April 15, 2015- INVIGORADE LLC is pleased to announce that the positive reaction to the brand continues as Gelson’s is now selling INVIGORADE Endurance Drink at all locations. Its entrance into Gelson’s is part of a larger sweep into natural grocery chains across the country.

“We’re very proud to partner with Gelson’s,” says INVIGORADE President and CEO Dan Morad, “They are one of the nation’s premier natural supermarkets.”

Natural grocers like Gelson’s make a perfect fit for INVIGORADE because their customers are healthy, active, and care what they put in their bodies. Formulated to be the highest performing endurance drink on the market, INVIGORADE is geared to the serious athlete who wants wants their hydration to do more than just replace what’s lost in a workout, but also proactively help them so they can keep it up. Having moved into several other natural markets, INVIGORADE has proven its popularity with consumers.

Will Gresham, Social Media Manager for Gelson’s, added: “We are excited about having INVIGORADE in our stores, which is right in line with our mission to stock only the highest quality products.”

INVIGORADE plans to organically expand the availability of their tasty line of endurance drinks to other stores in the near future.

INVIGORADE is a natural endurance drink company based in Hermosa Beach, CA. Their beverage contains up to 50% less sugar than other sports drinks resulting in a light flavor that is easy on the stomach. Their motto is “Keep It Up” because their formula helps you keep it up in all aspects that matter: energy, hydration, and muscle pH. INVIGORADE is the only beverage in the world that is self-determined GRAS for use of the amino acid CarnoSyn® ß-alanine, which helps delay fatigue by keeping up muscle pH, giving it a unique performance advantage over conventional sports drinks. For more information about INVIGORADE, visit