It’s True: Pepsi Expands Distribution, Adds New Sizes of Stevia-Infused Cola

Pepsi True 12 oz. bottleThree months removed from PepsiCo’s launch of Pepsi True, a mid-calorie cola sweetened with stevia, the beverage and snack giant is now expanding distribution of the product to three U.S. cities.

In a Wall Street Journal article published on Monday, PepsiCo confirmed that it had begun a limited rollout of Pepsi True in Denver, Minneapolis and Washington D.C. The new distribution follows Pepsi True’s launch on, where it had been sold as an exclusive offering. The brand was later made available on

The Pepsi True 10 oz. can drink, which is made with a blend of sugar and stevia leaf extract, is promoted by PepsiCo as having “Amazing Real Cola Taste” and “No Artificial Sweeteners Either.” Sold on Amazon in 24-packs of a 7.5 oz. green-colored cans, each containing 60 calories, Pepsi True will be offered in 10 oz. cans (80 calories) and 12 oz. glass bottles (100 calories) in the three cities.

Through PepsiCo declined to share sales data with The Journal, Andrea Foote, a PepsiCo spokeswoman, said that the company “feel[s] good” about online orders of Pepsi True. Foote said that PepsiCo continues to gauge consumer reaction to the brand and has no current plans to broaden distribution of Pepsi True.

PepsiCo’s decision to expand availability of the mid-calorie cola follows the national rollout of Coke Life, which, like Pepsi True, is formulated with stevia and sugar.