Keurig Dishes on Upcoming “Kold” System

No, the title of this article does not include a typo; Keurig Green Mountain’s soon-to-be-launched cold-beverage system spells “Cold” with a “K”.

It’s one of a few new details about the highly anticipated machine, which Keurig unveiled at the recently held Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference. Amid a wide-ranging presentation about the company, including updates on brand positioning and sales growth strategies, Keurig offered a first glimpse at Keurig Kold, a counter-top machine that uses pod-based technology to create a variety of at-home prepared cold beverages, including carbonated drinks.

Keurig launched into news about Keurig Kold with a slide that asked, “How Can The Cold Beverage Category Be Revolutionized…” The company, of course, had its answer in Keurig Kold, and pointed to vast opportunity in expanding its platform to include preparation of cold beverages. Quoting data from IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm, Keurig noted that 2014 U.S. sales of cold drinks exceeded $50 billion in measured channels, five times that of hot beverages.

Keurig Kold

Despite a massive market for cold beverages, Keurig Kold is designed to address what the company termed as “cold problems hidden in plain sight.” Keurig described a range of potential issues with traditionally packaged and prepared cold drinks, including freshness, in-home storage and carbonation levels, and noted the efficiency, convenience and reliability of its pod-based system as offering significant advantages to consumers.

Scheduled for a fall 2015 launch, Keurig Kold will deliver beverages cold and, unlike Sodastream machines, the system will not require a CO2 canister for preparation of carbonated drinks. While the company did not offer details on how it will add fizz to beverages, it promoted a “vast brand selection” for Keurig Kold, which will include products from “beloved partner brands” The Coca-Cola Co. (which acquired 16 percent of Keurig last year) and Dr Pepper Snapple Group, such as sodas, sports drinks, sparkling juice, cocktail mixers, and iced teas.

Keurig also released details on new company-owned brands, which include Red Barn Craft Soda, Flynn’s Soda Shop, Waterful zero-calorie flavored water and Tierney’s Iced Tea Co.