NACS 2015 Video: Checking In With Aquahydrate CEO Hal Kravitz

At the 2015 National Association of Convenience Stores show, BevNET sat down with Aquahydrate CEO Hal Kravitz for a video interview that covered several topics, including the company’s celebrity owners, Aquahydrate’s positioning as a “performance lifestyle brand,” and the non-traditional marketing approach of the alkaline water line.

Calling Aquahydrate investors Mark Wahlberg and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs “a pretty unique set of owners,” Kravitz said the pair were “very active in the business, day in and day out.” He stressed that Wahlberg and Combs are owners — “not endorsers” — but that Aquahydrate is now finding more ways to include the pair in marketing the brand than it had in the past.

As examples, Kravitz pointed to Aquahydrate appearing in “every movie that [Wahlberg] does” as well as the actor’s reality TV show “Wahlburgers.” Meanwhile, Combs has worked the brand into prominent television ads for Ciroc vodka and Fiat. Kravitz said that the exposure has resulted in tens of millions of impressions for Aquahydrate.

In promoting Aquahydrate, Wahlberg, who first encountered the brand while training for boxing movie “The Fighter,” describes the alkaline water as providing “everything I need in a sports drink, but without the sugar or calories.” Kravitz calls Wahlberg’s usage the “performance” aspect of the water, which has a pH of 9+ and is enhanced with electrolytes. Additionally, both Wahlberg and Combs, whose careers span successful turns in music, acting and fashion, lend aspirational appeal to Aquahydrate, according to Kravitz. He highlighted their involvement as drawing in consumers who seek to emulate the lifestyle that the men project.

Watch this video to hear more from Kravitz about Aquahydrate’s future plans to involve Wahlberg and Combs in advertising the water. Kravitz also discusses the company’s desire to achieve a much deeper presence in convenience stores, among other channels, and how the brand can take a dramatic marketing leap once it has a wider retail footprint.