NACS Pics: New Products, New Varieties, New Packages Pitched to Convenience

From Aquahydrate to Zico, there were new products galore on view at the just-completed National Association of Convenience Stores show. Today’s photo gallery features some of the highlights, including a new craft soda line from PepsiCo called 1893, a revamp of Muscle Milk from new owner Hormel, and a reworked Marley Beverage line that features a younger version of the musician.

In addition to complete brand overhauls, minor tweaks and new flavors were on display as well: Sparkling Ice has unified the look of its entire brand by removing some of the black features from its sparkling tea products, while also launching a black cherry extension to its sparkling line. After starting as Bai and becoming Bai5, Bai is now just Bai all over again. There’s more to come, including roundup videos and interviews, but here’s a look at some of the products that caught BevNET’s eye.