PepsiCo Furthers Its Foray into Craft Colas with ‘Stubborn Soda’

stubbornAmid a decline in consumption of carbonated soft drinks, soda makers are getting crafty — so to speak. Enter Stubborn Soda, PepsiCo’s newly announced line of specialty sodas that will soon be available as a fountain-only option at select food service retailers.

PepsiCo spokeswoman Gina Anderson confirmed the news to Ad Age, telling the publication the upcoming craft soda line will be made with fair trade certified cane sugar and natural flavors. Stubborn’s initial lineup of flavors will include black cherry with tarragon, classic root beer, lemon berry acai, agave vanilla cream, orange hibiscus and pineapple cream.

Pouring out of custom-designed soda fountain dispensers, Stubborn sodas will be joined by Caleb’s Kola, a PepsiCo-owned craft soda brand that launched in 2014.

“Following our recent launches of Caleb’s Kola and Mountain Dew Dewshine, we’re continuing to explore the craft space with Stubborn Soda and its unique contemporary flavor profiles,” Anderson said. “Introducing it on fountain with an engaging piece of innovative equipment offers consumers a new take on the traditional soft-drink experience while also creating value for customers.”

That “engaging piece of innovative equipment” refers to Stubborn Soda’s long tap handle dispensers akin to those used for craft beer products. Anderson wouldn’t comment on the price for Stubborn Soda or which foodservice retailers will carry the sodas, but it’s expected that the line will supplement existing PepsiCo fountain options and not replace the company’s core offerings of Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Sierra Mist.