pHenOH 7.4 Expands Distribution into Whole Foods’ Northern California Region

Phenoh 7.4Palo Alto, CA – May, 2015: Phenoh 7.4, the World’s first natural alkaline hydration drink, announced today its continued growth with the launch into Whole Foods Market’s Northern California Region. This increase in distribution takes place following the company’s partnership with Dove distributors, based in Northern California, whose focus is bringing natural, organic, and vegan products to health food stores.

Phenoh 7.4 offers consumers a breakthrough and complete hydration beverage with more alkaline minerals than alkaline waters, less acidity, sugar, and calories than coconut waters, and more natural nutrients than vitamin-enhanced waters. With research showing that many hydration beverages could actually be doing the body more harm than good, due to their high acidity levels, Phenoh 7.4 helps the body maintain a critical pH balance and proper hydration, through the use of a patented formula.

“The Whole Foods shopper is an educated consumer aware of the many problems with flavored beverages today. They have been very receptive to our innovative approach to offering a healthier hydration beverage. Our partnership with Dove Distributors enables us to support Whole Foods stores with best in class service and merchandising, all while providing the consumer with a superior hydration option” Explains Founder/CEO Alex Schmotter.

Acid-rich diets, as well as stress and exercise, can contribute to over-acidification of the human body, which, with a resting pH of 7.4, is naturally alkaline. pHenOH 7.4 replenishes, revitalizes, and refreshes the body with just seven natural ingredients by combining the positive attributes of sports drinks, coconut waters, vitamin-enhanced waters, and alkaline waters. “This product makes sense. Why consume a beverage so high in acidity, sugar, sodium, and other potentially harmful characteristics when it just isn’t necessary? This what we call ‘Intelligent Hydration’.”

pHenOH 7.4 is sold in 500mL tetra paks and has suggested retail price of $2.79 per pak. The brand is also currently expanding into other natural and specialty food retailers in Northern California, Washington State, and Texas.

About Phenoh, Inc.

Founded in 2013 by Alex Schmotter an athlete and (at the time) dental school student looking to find a better hydration option, Phenoh, Inc. strives to provide a superior alkaline alternative to conventional hydration options. Phenoh, Inc. has redefined the concept of “hydration beverage” to reflect the needs of individuals from all walks of life, using carefully selected, natural ingredients. Phenoh, Inc. is dedicated to improving overall health and wellness by offering products that taste great, help maximize overall health and wellness, and are dentist approved. To learn more about Phenoh, Inc.,