Press Clips: NYC Legislator Aims to Ban Large Soda Sales to Minors

bloom-300x3001Bloomberg Soda Ban Sees Second Wind

Michael Bloomberg’s dream of a world without large-format sugary drinks lives on. The New York Post is reporting that New York City assemblyman Matthew Titone has introduced a bill that would ban the sale of single-serving sugary sodas that are 16 ounces or larger to children under the age of 18. While it’s arguably less ambitious than the plans of the former Gotham mayor, Titone’s proposed measure is one he says stands a better chance of being passed.

“The idea is to create some sorts of safeguards,” Titone told The Post. “It’s addictive. It’s not good for our health. We need to start somewhere.

CSDs Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Attack

The Washington Post is reporting on yet another study examining the effects of soda on people’s health. This one, presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress, is particularly damning, finding that the more money people spent on carbonated beverages the more likely they were to experience a heart attack. The study, based on data from 800,000 people in Japan, put forth the premise that “the acid in carbonated beverages might play an important role in this association,” said study author and professor of cardiology Keijiro Saku.

017Industry Researcher: Bottled Water to Outsell Soda by 2017

Americans’ exodus from soda has made way for the rise of bottled water, so much so that The Wall Street Journal says the category’s sales will eclipse that of carbonated soft drinks. The Journal’s data comes by way of Beverage Marketing Corp., an industry research and consulting group, which found that the wholesale price of a gallon of water had dropped from $1.63 to $1.23 over the last 10 years, while the decline of soda sales have initiated price hikes. The two categories are now projected to cross paths in sales by 2017.

Judge Tosses Out Nestle Waters Lawsuit

A New York federal judge has dismissed the majority of claims in a lawsuit targeting Nestle Waters North America. According to Food Navigator US district judge Mae A. D’Agostino tossed out Nirvana Inc’s accusations that NWNA engaged in “deceptive, fraudulent and predatory” behavior in attempting to put the Forestport, New York-based spring water brand out of business. But Nestle isn’t out of the woods just yet. Nirvana’s Inc. is still being allowed to pursue its claims for unfair competition and breach of contract.

home-banner-bottlesRussell Wilson Claims Oxygenated Water Combatted Concussion

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has given oxygenated water brand Reliant Water quite the endorsement. The Boston Globe covered a tweet from the Super Bowl XLVIII champion, in which he wrote “I believe @Recovery_Water helped prevent me from getting a concussion based on a bad hit! #NanoBubbles.” The hit in question came from Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews during a playoff game earlier this year. Wilson’s bold claim has brought on criticism, which resulted in some backtracking in an interview with Rolling Stone, saying “Well we’re not saying we have real medical proof.”