True Drinks’ AquaBall Flavored Water Now Available at Loblaws Supermarkets in Canada

4-AquaBallsFebruary 05, 2015: 08:00 AM ET — True Drinks, Inc. (OTCQB: TRUU), a healthy beverage provider with licensing agreements with Disney and Marvel for use of their characters on its proprietary, patented bottles, today announced a partnership with Loblaws Supermarkets to offer AquaBall™ Naturally Flavored water in its stores throughout Canada.

True Drinks will be featuring its zero sugar, vitamin enhanced water throughout Canada in support of bringing healthy hydration alternatives to Canadian consumers. AquaBall Naturally Flavored water was created as an alternative to sugary children’s beverages that contribute to the childhood obesity epidemic throughout North America. Their video campaign titled “Cut the Sugar, Not the Fun” has captured a large audience that want to enter the debate on the ongoing crisis of sugary drinks aimed at our youth. Canada is experiencing the same issues, and the new distribution of AquaBall into the market will allow consumers a choice in how they hydrate their families.

Lance Leonard, CEO of True Drinks, stated, “Today, we are facing a pandemic of childhood obesity in North America, and while we have found great partnerships in the US, we believe that Canada is wide open for better beverage options. We are excited to work with the premier retailer throughout Canada in hopes of changing current consumptions patterns and bringing the debate on sugary drinks to all of North America.”

Kevin Sherman, CMO or True Drinks, added, “Parents are becoming more educated with regards to the effects of sugar on their children. AquaBall Naturally Flavored Water is helping to end the trend of childhood obesity and diabetes. A simple question to ponder when purchasing beverages for your children is: ‘Does my child need more sugar throughout the day?’ Of course, the answer is a resounding ‘NO!’ That is why we created AquaBall.”

About True Drinks, Inc.True Drinks provides a healthy alternative for kids to drink. Their AquaBallTM is a naturally flavored, vitamin-enhanced, zero- calorie, dye-free, sugar-free alternative to juice and soda. AquaBallTM is currently available in three flavors, orange, grape and fruit punch, with berry flavor, and a seasonal strawberry lemonade flavor soon to be released. Their target consumer: kids, young adults, and their guardians, are attracted to the product by the entertainment and media characters on the bottle and continue to consume the beverage because of its healthy benefits and great taste. For more information, please visit and Proudly made in the USA.