Video: Brand Owners Discuss Rapid Evolution of Cocktail Mixer Category

In our January/February 2015 issue of BevNET Magazine, we examined the evolution of the bottled cocktail mixer category, a segment that — like its counterparts in the spirits and beer world — is undergoing a transformation whereby dozens of craft and artisanal brands have emerged and are blossoming quickly.

In the following videos, we take a deeper dive into the fast-growing segment, having queried brand owners and company executives at the recently held 2015 Summer Fancy Food Show — including Powell & Mahoney co-founder Mark Mahoney, Jim Pickett, the co-founder of Pickett’s Ginger Beer, Q Drinks founder Jordan Silbert, Owl’s Brew co-founder Maria Littlefield, among several others — about the continued development of bottled cocktail mixers.

Watch each video to get their perspective on the swift rise for craft and artisanal cocktail mixer brands, how each is attempting take advantage of growing interest in the category, and which ingredients, styles and formulations are trending right now.

What has spurred a surge in interest for bottled cocktail mixers?

How is your company attempting to take advantage of rising demand?

What styles, ingredients or formulations are trending in the category?