Avitae Now Available at 168 Stater Brothers Markets in Southern California

Avitae_Products_45CLEVELAND — Avitae USA, LLC is expanding its retail presence of Avitae Caffeine Water into the largest privately owned supermarket chain in Southern California, Stater Bros. Markets. The caffeinated water is now available in 168 stores throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino and other Southern California locations, further strengthening Avitae’s position in the beverage market and as a leader in the caffeinated water category. Avitae is the only caffeinated water product offered in the stores.

“Consumers throughout the country are showing interest in finding alternative and healthier ways to fulfill their daily caffeine needs,” said Norman E. Snyder, president and chief executive officer, Avitae. “With our presence in Stater Bros. Markets, Southern Californians are now able to purchase Avitae at an additional local chain when they are looking for an instant go.”

Avitae offers consumers their line of beverages in three caffeine-level options. 45-milligram and 90-milligram caffeine-level bottles are equal to a half-cup and a cup of coffee respectively, and 125-milligram-level bottles are equivalent to the amount of caffeine in one and a half cups of coffee. There are also four flavored caffeine waters that are available at the 90-milligram caffeine level: Pomegranate Açai, Tangerine, Blackberry and Strawberry Guava. The noncarbonated drink contains caffeine derived from natural green coffee beans, zero calories, no sugars or artificial ingredients, and no bitter aftertaste.

The unflavored 90-milligram and 125-milligram caffeine levels of Avitae are available at Stater Bros. Markets. The water retails for approximately $1.49 per 16.9-fluid-ounce (500-milliliter) bottle and can also be purchased online on Amazonand Office Depot.

About Avitae: Avitae USA, LLC is the leading caffeinated water company in the U.S. and seeks to provide consumers with an alternative to less healthy caffeinated beverages and sugary drinks. Avitae vows to provide the healthy hydration you need with the caffeine lift you want. Avitae Caffeine Water is currently offered in 45-milligram, 90-milligram and 125-milligram caffeine levels for all lifestyles. In 2015, Avitae added four flavors to its product line at the 90-milligram caffeine level: Pomegranate Açai, Tangerine, Blackberry and Strawberry Guava. For more information, visit www.goavitae.com.

About Stater Bros. Markets: Stater Bros. was founded in 1936 in Yucaipa, CA, and has grown steadily through the years to become the largest privately owned supermarket chain in Southern California and the largest private employer in both San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.  The company operates 168 supermarkets and there are over 18,000 members of the Stater Bros. Supermarket Family. For more company information, go to www.staterbros.com.