Black Medicine Replaces Bottles With Aluminum Cans


OAKLAND, Calif., Sept. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/Black Medicine Iced Coffee, innovator of the first cold pressed brewed RTD coffee, is replacing its current aluminum bottles with cans this fall to meet consumer interest in better portability and convenience. There is no change to the coffee beverage, as consumer acceptance has been very strong since the Brand launched in 2014, delivering a more robust profile that cold coffee lovers seek.

Says Founder and CEO Chris Cooper: “While the Brand has experienced tremendous consumer response to-date, we decided to move to cans from bottles to make on-the-go usage even more convenient.” Black Medicine will also be reducing pricing as a result of lower packaging costs. Adds Cooper: “Furthermore, we are excited that we are also passing on cost savings associated with this package change, and consumers can expect the retail price to drop an estimated 50 cents per unit, from $3.99 to $3.49 on average.”

In addition, Black Medicine is prominently communicating its one-of-a-kind Cold Pressed process to reinforce the Brand’s point of difference versus other RTD and cold brew coffees. Black Medicine is redefining the RTD coffee experience by offering uncompromising, full-bodied intensity as a result of its proprietary process in which fresh roasted coffee is hot brewed then cold pressed under oxygen-free pressure to allow for a fuller extraction from the coffee. The results is a bolder and more intense cold coffee than offered by cold brews.

Black Medicine continues grow rapidly with sales increasing 63% in the past quarter vs. year ago. The Brand will increase West Coast availability this fall with further expansion in Northern California with leading grocery retailer Raley’s (114 stores).

About Black Medicine

Developed as a hobby and launched in January 2014 by technology entrepreneur and coffee lover Chris Cooper, Black Medicine is the innovator of the first cold pressed RTD coffee. Black Medicine is brewed and bottled in the Company’s 18,000 sq. ft. facility in Oakland using a custom, proprietary process that first roasts a special blend of Latin American and African coffee beans and then hot brews in a high-pressure environment before cooling it down in small, concentrated batches. Unlike standard cold brewing process, oxygen is kept out of the process which allows for a fuller extraction from the coffee, giving it a more enjoyable and robust flavor profile. The Brand is currently available in 3 flavors and sold in the Western U.S. at leading natural, specialty and grocery stores including Whole Foods Markets, New Seasons, and Safeway. To learn more about Black Medicine, please visit or connect on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.