Happy Planet Introduces ‘Happy Planet Creamery’ Line of Organic Milks and Butter

Happy Planet launches Happy Planet Creamery - Dairy as good as it can be!Happy Planet, one of the top selling fresh smoothies and organic juice brands in Canada, is launching Happy Planet Creamery; a new line of BC organic farm to table milks and butter that answer consumers’ needs for more nutritious, tastier products and for transparency about where their milk comes from and how it’s made.

Delivering Dairy as good as it can be

“At Happy Planet we have always said that ‘we are standing on the shoulders of giants…’. Those ‘giants’ are the farmers who raise and grow the incredibly tasty and sustainable ingredients that make up all our juices, smoothies and soups…. and now our dairy”, declares Randal Ius, Happy Planet Co-Founder. “Consumers want tasty products and to know where they come from.” We, at Happy Planet deliver the authentic experience they have been waiting for. We’re doing it the Happy Planet way!… Teaming up with the best farmers dedicated to organic and sustainable practices, and in the case of our new Creamery, it’s all about partnering with the best local dairy farmers and letting consumers know where their milk is coming from, that the milk is based on quality not quantity, and the cows are pastured eating grass, basking in the sun doing the things that make them really happy.  Happy Planet Creamery – it’s old fashioned – its Dairy as good as it can be!

Happy Planet Creamery: a new division of Happy Planet that remains true to company Co-Founder’s Randal Ius’ initial vision and values

“Happy Planet Creamery embodies the same vision and values which have been part of Happy Planet’s DNA for the past 20+ years” says,” says Randal Ius. “Happy Planet Creamery retains the initial vision and the values of Happy Planet, we want to remain true to what we stand for in everything we do: unite consumers with the very best in taste and nutrition and help build and support our communities and farmers while growing a progressive business.”

Happy Planet Creamery milk is local, made in small batches, delicious and of the highest quality, providing unique benefits not found in other milks for years

  • Certified organic: better animal feed and care, safer for the environment and non-GMO
  • Farm to table: our milk comes from 2 local partner farms who are organic certified producers, innovative, community-minded folks, committed to the highest standards in milk quality and farming practices
  • Milk from Heritage breeds cows (such as Jersey, Guernsey) that are known for their creamy and flavourful milk higher in protein, calcium, and beneficial fatty acids
  • Milk from Grass fed cows that graze on lush organic pastures, eat organic grasses or legumes, and have year-round access to the outdoorsResearch indicates that milk from grass-fed cows contains more beneficial fatty acids such as conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), omega-3 fatty acids, and beta-carotene than is found in regular milk

Happy Planet Creamery is launching 3 products at CHFA; launching in retail channel in BC on June 1st 

  • Milk 3.5% , 1.5L available in natural food stores and independent grocers beginning June in BC
  • Milk 2%, 1.5L available in natural food stores and independent grocers beginning June in BC
  • Camino Chocolate Milk, 750ml, available in natural food stores and independent grocers beginning August in BC