Jax Coco Partners with Brands Within Reach

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 15, 2016– Jax Coco, the premium coconut water featuring proprietary glass packaging, joins fast growth portfolio of Brands Within Reach.

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-2-40-39-pmFounded in 2012 by Jane and Max Gottschalk, and Jason and Alex Ing, the Hong Kong-based Jax Coco has charmed the North American market with its stylish take on straight-from-the-fruit coconut water.

Inspired by the traditional consumption of coconut water in Asia, Jax Coco is made from completely natural, micro-filtered coconut water, sourced from coconuts of the hills of Quezon in the Philippines. The beverage comes in a sleek glass bottle created by famed designer Alasdhair Willis. This stylish bottle is a potent symbol for the brand’s identity as a purveyor of pure and healthy lifestyle. For more information on the brand, visit http://www.jaxcoco.com.

“After establishing itself as a company with high growth potential, Jax Coco is looking to elevate its brand to the next level in North America in partnership with Brands Within Reach – with a particular focus on hotels, restaurants, and food service outlets” explains Greg Cattin, global CEO of Jax Coco.

“Jax Coco’s iconic glass packaging and very clean fresh coconut taste brings a unique point of difference to a fast growing demand, mostly addressed with Tetrapack or refrigerated options” comments Olivier Sonnois, team leader at BWR.

About Brands Within Reach– Since 2003, BWR has focused on marketing and distribution of healthier and innovative products and enjoyed spectacular growth performance, with presence across all major metropolitan markets. Not only is Brands Within Reach a strategic importer, master distributor, and marketer for established fast growth brands, but it is also a brand incubator for new-to-market, innovative beverages and snacks sourced from around the world. For a company profile, please visit http://www.bwrgroup.com.