OXiGEN Water Expands U.S. Distribution

2f6ac527-fcec-42a8-8de8-560c48a48cc9Beverly Hills, CA – OXiGEN™ water, the first oxygenated water to contain a proprietary O4 or highly stable oxygen molecule has expanded its distribution throughout California and into 10 more states.

OXiGEN’s active ingredient, ASO® (activated stabilized oxygen), allows for 1,000 parts per million (PPM) of bio-available oxygen in every 20 fl. oz. bottle (average bottled water is between five and 40 PPM), setting it apart from other functional waters on the market today. The added oxygen in OXiGEN water is not a compressed gas so it doesn’t dissipate from the bottle once it’s opened.

“We started our distribution in California last fall,” says Blair Bentham, Chairman and CEO of Formula Four Beverages Inc., makers of OXiGEN water. “Our plan was to ensure all of California had access to OXiGEN before we started expanding east, and we’ve been able to do that in just a few short months. We’re proud of our growth trajectory and are looking forward to continued successes in the weeks and months to come.”

Distributed through Unified Grocers-Market Centre and KeHE, new additions to OXiGEN’s retail distribution list include 113 Safeway stores and 27 Albertsons locations throughout Colorado as well as in Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota and Wyoming. OXiGEN is also carried in select retailers in Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin, along with 13 locations of C&R Markets in Missouri.

OXiGEN is also available in more than 560 stores throughout California including Gelson’s Markets, Albertsons, Bristol Farms, VONS, Save Mart, Lucky, Mollie Stones and, most recently, Andronico’s Community Markets.

Launched in Southern California in November 2015, OXiGEN water is quickly becoming the premium bottled water brand of choice for health conscious consumers looking for an all-natural way to top up their oxygen levels and recover faster from physical and mental fatigue of all kinds.

“The question I’m asked most often is why we need to ‘drink oxygen’ when we can get it just from breathing,” says Bentham. “Most people don’t realize how their oxygen levels fluctuate throughout the day and how that can affect everything from energy levels to mental clarity. OXiGEN allows you to top up your oxygen levels in a way you can’t just by breathing. It’s just that simple.”

OXiGEN is also currently launching in the Middle East, starting in Dubai, through Formula Four Beverages Inc.’s exclusive distribution partner Mezzan Holding Co. and is set to start distribution through partner Grupo Gracia in Mexico in the coming weeks. It’s also available on Amazon.com by the 24-pack case.

About Formula Four Beverages Inc.
Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2014, Formula Four Beverages Inc. is the premier supplier of high-quality, science-based oxygenated beverage products that benefit the health, wellness and lifestyle of everyone; our products don’t discriminate. For more information visit us at www.drinkOXiGEN.com or chat with us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @F4OXiGEN. ASO® is a registered trademark of Oxigenesis, LLC. Used with permission.

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