MATCHAAH! Launches Matcha Tea Shots

Minneapolis, MN (May 10, 2017) – Matchaah, Inc., the pioneering leader in re-inventing premium Japanese matcha tea into flavorful, ready-to-drink products and mixes, announced the first product of its kind to hit the market: MATCHAAH!™ Shots, in three refreshing flavors: Raspberry, Blueberry and Lemon-Lime.

Matchaah, Inc. is committed to being the leader in matcha tea innovation by bringing the world’s best-tasting, highest quality matcha beverages and mixes to market in great flavors, and affordable and convenient formats, so anyone – tea and non-tea drinkers alike – can enjoy the functional and nutritional benefits of this centuries-old, antioxidant-packed superfood. MATCHAAH!™ Shots are part of the company’s long-term strategy to lead the market with a full spectrum of exciting and delicious beverage products that include the powerful health benefits of the country’s fastest growing tea.

“We founded Matchaah, Inc. with the bold vision of making matcha tea accessible and enjoyable to anyone who desires to be healthier and feel better, anywhere they are,” said Paul Henson, founder and chief executive officer of Matchaah, Inc. “We are committed to honoring the history of this great ancient tea by using premium, hand-harvested Japanese matcha tea leaves from regions that for centuries have produced the world’s finest, nutrient-rich matcha tea,” continued Henson. “Our passion lies in an uncompromising dedication to make matcha tea exciting and convenient for everyone to enjoy its powerful benefits. We’ve compressed centuries of tea culture into modern day beverages that will surprise and delight.”

The first of several product formats to be released in 2017, MATCHAAH!™ Shots exemplify the innovation and commitment of the company to make an ultra convenient, easy to stock and store, non-refrigerated product that appeals to anyone. With only 20g of natural caffeine, and only six simple ingredients, MATCHAAH!™ Shots provide an accessible, nutritional, great-tasting boost of mental focus and clarity with chart-topping antioxidants. What makes these shots incredible – and different from any other matcha beverage on the market – are the bursting fresh fruit flavors in the smallest of ready-to-drink matcha tea formats, containing all the benefits of a full serving of matcha tea.

In June, MATCHAAH!™ will launch the revolutionary, ready-to-drink MATCHAAH!™ Latte with a few key retailers, bringing the perfect coffee alternative and more innovation to a multi-billion dollar category. This game-changing product appeals to tea aficionados, traditional coffee drinkers, and everyone in between. MATCHAAH!™ Latte will be the healthiest ready-to-drink latte on the market, winning on flavor, function and benefits.

Matchaah, Inc. is also committed to complete authenticity and transparency and proudly displays the amount of match tea, nutrients and antioxidants on all of its products. MATCHAAH!™ Shots will be available for purchase in May 2017 on and at select retailers nationwide. Additional products, including the MATCHAAH!™ Latte, will be unveiled in the coming weeks and months.

About Matchaah, Inc.

Matchaah, Inc., based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the emerging pioneer in matcha tea innovation. Our company is dedicated to creating the highest quality, best tasting matcha tea beverages for the masses in convenient and exciting new formats to help consumers think better, play better and live better. MATCHAAH!™ tea for better being!™