Premium Eco-Friendly Canadian Water Brand Flow Makes A Splash In The U.S.

C5TxWXZWYAE5bbmANAHEIM, CA (March 6, 2017) — Flow water, a naturally alkaline spring water brand from Canada, has officially come to the U.S. Known for its delicious, smooth taste, naturally occurring healthful benefits and eco-friendly Tetra Pak®, Flow is already making waves in the water category. In a move rarely achieved by new brands, Flow secured national distribution immediately with KeHE and UNFI, two of the countries’ largest specialty distribution firms. Flow also partnered with Acosta’s Natural Special Sales and IGNITE Sales Management as its national broker and sales arm to continue the momentum of its growth as they plan for rapid expansion.

Flow was founded in 2015 and became an instant success with consumers gaining national distribution from leading retailers such as Whole Foods, Loblaw’s and Safeway in over 4,500 stores in Canada in less than two years. Since its inception, Flow has focused on providing 100 percent naturally alkaline spring water, mindfully sourced in Southwestern Ontario from the founder’s family-owned aquifer. Due to the unique geological conditions at the source, Flow‘s water is naturally packed with electrolytes, essential minerals, and an alkaline pH of 8.1.

“We think of ourselves as H2O 2.0, the water company of the future. We believe that the choice we make about the water we drink, where it comes from, the healthful qualities of the mineral it contains and how its packages has a direct and power impact on the health of individuals, communities and the environment,” said founder Nicholas Reichenbach. “We don’t want to just make a positive impact on consumers, we want Flow to make a positive impact on the world. That’s why we are overjoyed to share our mineral-rich water with consumers in the U.S. Our product allows customers to drink mindful, premium hydration on-the-go, in an eco-friendly pack that they can feel good about.”

In addition to providing refreshing, delicious water, Flow is the only Canadian company to package natural spring water in an environmentally friendly Tetra Pak® paper carton. It’s made from renewable materials. As in, the paper carton can be renewed, recycled and then reused. 100 percent recyclable, 70 percent renewable resources.

Flow is currently available in 12 states in leading retailers such as, Earth Fare, Central Market and Kowalski’s, in 500ML and 1L varieties. For more information and retail listings, visit visit @FlowWater on Instagram and Twitter and

About Flow

Flow is a brand on the forefront of the sustainable water movement, providing a naturally alkaline Canadian spring water while maintaining responsible business practices including sustainability, healthful qualities and social good. Founded in 2015, Flow is mindfully sourced from the founder’s family-owned artesian spring in Bruce County, Ontario. It’s a Canadian source remains virtually untouched by man or machine. Flow is uniquely packaged in a Tetra Pak® paper carton made from 70 percent renewable resources. Due to its unique origins, Flow’s water is packed with naturally occurring electrolytes, essential minerals, and an alkaline pH of 8.1. Welcome to water as it was meant to be. Pure. Authentic. Never plastic. Flow is available in over 4,500 retailers across Canada and is now available in over 12 U.S. states in such retailers as Earth Fare, Central Market and Kowalski’s. For more information, visit; find @FlowWater on Instagram and Twitter and on