Watt-Ahh’s New Diamond Energy Labels

SARASOTA, FL (October 5, 2017) — AquaNew, manufacturer of the Polarized Water, Watt-Ahh®, recently unveiled the new “Diamond Energy” label for its one-liter size bottle.

“The label design comes from a crystalline moment,” said AquaNew’s COO, Dana Gourley. “When Inventor Rob Gourley and others first described a tetrahedral structure of Polarized Water (co-covalent bonding of dual oxygen with four hydrogen), I envisioned beautiful diamonds cascading through clear pure water. Of course, diamonds have a perfect carbon structure, while Polarized Water is 100% pure water. It is also well known that sparkling diamonds have a crystalline-like energy similar to that of Polarized Water enriched with electrons.”

Three diamonds falling through water can be seen through the new transparent front label with its motto “Healing Requires Energy.” If you look closely, there is a well-intentioned Emoto-like word of “Energy” near the cascading diamonds, which was an inspirational thought offered by one of AquaNew’s customers.

“We appreciate the designers at Advanced Labels NW for their artistry and technical knowledge in capturing our crystalline moment on this new label,” said Gourley.

“Polarized Water hydrates the brain like no other water,” said CEO and inventor, Rob Gourley.

The introduction of the new energy labels happens to be timed while millions of individuals are recovering from the impacts of the 2017 landfall hurricanes. So many people experienced weeks of power outages that hampered recovery … Energized brains that are fully hydrated have a major role in recovery to get back to a more normal life.”

AquaNew is located in Sarasota, FL, an area that was recently impacted by Hurricane Irma. As soon as the freight line was restored between Sarasota, FL to Beaumont, TX (which had been severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey), AquaNew donated over 1,400 bottles of Watt-Ahh® to Basic Foods for distribution to those in need of therapeutic bottled water. For the remainder of the 2017 hurricane season, AquaNew is either providing a case of Watt-Ahh®, or a discount, to its customers on their next order when they complete a brief survey and share their hurricane recovery story.

About AquaNew

AquaNew, LLC is located in Sarasota, FL and holds the worldwide exclusive license on the WIT Technology to manufacture Polarized Water. The first bottled water product, Watt-Ahh®, was launched in the commercial market in November of 2007. Two sizes (one-liter and 16.9 oz.) are available. AquaNew’s Water is also a key ingredient in a variety of consumable products manufactured by other companies.