Alcohol ‘Precovery’ Brand B4 Reports 274 Percent Retail Expansion in 2018

Getting a product on shelves at Publix can feel surreal. Especially for a Florida-based product like B4.

You’ll now be able to find the precovery™ vitamin supplement engineered to help people feel better the day after drinking alcohol at your neighborhood Publix. B4 was created by pharmacist John Mansour, a native Floridian.

This partnership with Publix brings the number of retail outlets carrying the product to 1,569 and raises the company’s growth to 274 percent throughout the US since January 2018.

B4 is a non-caffeinated, lightly carbonated precovery supplement you drink before you drink alcohol, specifically formulated with liver protectants and a powerful rehydration blend, as well as antioxidants and amino acids. Think of it like sunscreen for your liver.  Take a can within the hour before your first drink to prehydrate and protect your body. If it’s a big night out, reapply by drinking another can or two throughout. While finishing a can prior to drinking is recommended for best results, the product also helps during or after alcohol consumption by replacing what the body has depleted.