European Meal Replacement Brand SATURO Launches in U.S.

Vienna, Austria — SATURO is a ready-to-drink meal replacement, designed for individuals with busy lifestyles, who are looking to maintain a balanced diet at all times. In short, a balanced drink that will leave you pleasantly satiated. SATURO has quickly become Europe’s favorite ready-to-drink meal replacement and is launching in the U.S. today (October 4th). The company focuses on establishing an unparalleled ready-to-drink offer, specializing in a wide variety of tastes. To begin with, SATURO introduces two of its most popular flavors, SATURO Chocolate and SATURO Vanilla. The product will be sold in 330ml bottles (330 kcals per bottle) and available to purchase as a package of 8 on Amazon.

SATUROs main competitor in the U.S., Soylent, offers Complete Food powders as well as ready-to-drink meals. The company’s success and cult following prove that there is a definite appetite for ready-to-drink products. SATURO is entering the competitive market hoping to define themselves by flavors, taste, and being non-GMO.

“We look forward to further expand into the U.S. market. Similar to our European customers, Americans are struggling to provide their body with the nutrients it needs. More often than not, busy schedules prevent individuals from making healthy, nutritious and often sustainable choices,” said Hannes Feistenauer, the company CEO. “Ultimately, we want to facilitate people’s access to nutritionally complete meals that do not require much time to make or come at a high financial cost. Our ready-to-drink meals offer 26 vitamins and minerals, fiber and are high in protein. They are convenient and ensure that your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs to thrive.”

The products will be targeted at individuals with busy schedules, such as office workers, sports enthusiasts, students or gamers. As the U.S. customer base expands, SATURO plans to introduce more of its products to the U.S. market.


SATURO was founded in early 2017, and since then, has quickly established itself as the leading supplier of ready-to-drink complete meals in Europe. All SATURO products contain an optimum amount of carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fatty acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals, the human body needs to be healthy and satisfied. They offer the daily balanced nutrient intake and with every bottle you are satiated for at least two to three hours, providing a convenient and wholesome alternative to unhealthy fast food.