Genius Expands Distribution to Northeast

LOS ANGELES — Genius has made huge steps to now have east coast presence. The world’s first organic coconut smoothie, which combines coconut water and coconut meat, has signed on with Rainforest Distribution, a full-service distributor.

“Our goals are aligned, both Rainforest and Genius feel the coconut smoothie has proven out the concept and seen major success and velocity on the west coast and in key regions such as the Rockies and Mid-Atlantic, and is ready for the Northeast market,” said Alex Bayer, Owner and CEO of Genius. “I heard great things about Rainforest and how they can take a successful west coast brand and launch it successfully in a new, large market like NYC and beyond. A specialized and unique product such as our coconut smoothie needs passion and energy to push into specialty accounts and chains. This is why we knew Rainforest was the right fit. They are dedicating time and energy into every new brand they decide to bring onboard.”

“We are truly excited to be entering a market that we feel is a great fit and the demographics will understand the value and benefits of our premium coconut beverage. No one has seen a product like this on the east coast, and we are expecting big interest and excitement from retailers and consumers,” Bayer added.

The launch into the Northeast comes on the heels of Genius recently downsizing their packaging to 10 oz at a lower price point between $4.99-$5.99. This was a key reason Genius waited until the price point was lower and the size smaller before launching in a major secondary large market beyond Los Angeles and other west coast regions.

“The 10 oz size is a game-changer for us and we are excited to see the results in a new market. We are already seeing big success and higher velocities in Southern CA, Northern CA, and Pacific Northwest with our price drop,” Bayer said.

Rainforest Distribution Corp is a full-service direct store distributor with frozen, refrigerated and dry capabilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the United States. Rainforest offers customized distribution solutions designed to ensure customer success in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With an extensive sales and merchandising network, Rainforest adds value through its expertise in high-touch perishables, local & emerging brands, and the execution of first-to-market concepts.