Genius Juice Drops Size and Price Point

LOS ANGELES — Genius, who has re-gained popularity on their organic coconut smoothie product featuring whole coconut in every bottle, is dropping their bottle size to 10 oz (previously at 12 oz). More importantly, the price point will drop to $5.99 in Whole Foods SoPac and several natural chains, and $5.49 in other key Whole Foods regions as well as Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage.

“We have spent a lot of time and energy to make this product more affordable and accessible to consumers, and this is one huge step in that direction. We are edging closer to the almighty $4.99 price point.”

“Although 2 ounces smaller, I have heard a lot of feedback from customers in recent months who said even the 12 oz was too much given how creamy and filling our coconut smoothies are. I think the 10 oz serving size and lower price point strikes a great balance between affordability and something that will sustain and satisfy you.”

Genius is also in several new category reviews with the 10 oz bottle with natural retailers across the country. The lower price point will undoubtedly open more doors for Genius and start paving their way into conventional/C-Stores in the future.

Customers will begin seeing the 10 oz bottles hit shelves in late February/early March in key retailers in Southern California, the rockies, Mid-Atlantic, Pac Northwest, and Texas. It will be on shelf at Whole Foods SoPac region closer to April/May.