Betsy McGinn Joins Cascadia Managing Brands Advisory Board

RAMSEY, N.J.— Amazon Guru Betsy McGinn has joined Cascadia Managing Brands’ Advisory Board.  Betsy is the co-author of The Amazon Roadmap: How Innovative Brands are Reinventing the Path to Market, the quintessential start-to-finish guide for brands who want to launch, recalibrate, or optimize their business on Amazon and ensure continued growth on this powerful platform.

As Seventh Generation’s first eCommerce channel director, Betsy pioneered the company’s innovative eComm strategy and created a thriving multimillion-dollar partnership with Amazon and other key online retailers.

Since founding McGinn eComm in 2014, Betsy has worked with hundreds of natural and specialty brands to establish and strengthen their presence on Amazon. From product development and profitability analysis to guiding organizational change, McGinn eComm leads clients through every step of this complex channel, helping to ensure successful and profitable online businesses.

With more than a decade of eCommerce experience, Betsy is a thought-leader and regular speaker at workshops and conferences globally.

“We have been advising clients about Amazon and digital strategies for a while” stated Cascadia Managing Brands’ Managing Partner Bill Sipper.  “However, with Betsy’s experience and knowledge, we can bring Digital, and Digital Amazon sales in particular, to a higher level in our organization and another first-class service for clients”.

“Over the years, we have seen brands make typical mistakes on Amazon, whether it’s related to content, advertising, pack configuration, pricing, unique operational challenges or most importantly, profitability. Any and all of these strategic elements can make or break a brand in a highly competitive space such as Amazon,” stated Betsy McGinn. “ We understand what it takes to build brands on Amazon and the levers to pull for success.  We look forward to working more closely with Cascadia Managing Brands.”

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