BRWD Refreshing Energy Launches

NEW YORK— A post-run brew can be thirst quenching and replenishing, and unfortunately also impairing – not the ideal situation at 1 p.m. BRWD Refreshing Energy, a new, responsibly caffeinated plant-based beverage designed to quench thirst and lift energy levels, utilizing a non-GMO barley malt extract base.

Four-time marathoner Christine Pototschnik is the brainchild behind the only non-alcoholic, ready to drink, energy beverage on the market with a barley malt extract base. The brewing process unlocks barley’s natural sugars without fermentation.

The calorie-conscious, recreational athlete wanted to replenish her body post-run with the benefits of barley, but not the alcohol, from beer. BRWD is certified vegan with a simple ingredient panel. Key components include water, non-GMO barley malt extract, fruit juice concentrates, fruit extracts, cane sugar and caffeine from non-GMO green coffee beans.

BRWD followed FDA caffeine guidelines of around 70mg per a 12 oz beverage. Pototschnik crafted the beverage to provide an energy lift, not an adrenaline rush. It’s ideal pre or post-workout, as an afternoon pick-me-up, alternative to alcohol, as a mixer or even a coffee or tea substitute. BRWD is currently available in two flavors, Citrus + Ginger and Cherry + Rhubarb.

Why the emphasis on barley? Studies have shown it can aid athletic recovery, increase happiness, support gut health and promote heart health. When barley malt is used as a sweetener, it has a lower glycemic index than table sugar, and contains essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

“Creating BRWD Refreshing Energy has been one of my greatest challenges and accomplishments. I chose clean ingredients, including a plant-base, that reflect my personal eating habits along with what I’ve seen consumers gravitate towards. Our use of non-GMO green coffee beans for caffeine, and following of the FDA caffeine guidelines, along with our barley malt extract base sets us apart from other energy-type beverages,” said Christine Pototschnik, founder of BRWD Refreshing Energy. “To add purpose to BRWD, I created a network, Own Your Moment, to inspire, motivate and help our fans achieve their goals, much like how I brought BRWD to the market. From their first 5K to their first job interview to their first pitch, I encourage them to own their moment. The initiative will also work to improve the communities where BRWD is sold in retail.”

BRWD Refreshing Energy can be found at retail stores in New York, California and Chicago, and onAmazon. Each can retails for $2.99-$3.50. 4-packs are available on Amazon. For more information please visit