Koia Announces Target Distribution

LOS ANGELES— Koia, the naturally cravable, plant-based protein beverage, has announced distribution into 530 Target locations with expanded grocery across the Midwest, Northeast and Florida. Koia’s five original flavors, including Vanilla Bean, Cacao Bean, Coconut Almond, Cold Brew Coffee and Cinnamon Horchata, are now available for purchase for $3.99 in the refrigerated section.

With a mission to bring plant-based nutrition to the masses, Koia’s entrance into Target is another step forward in making the power of plants readily available to consumers. Koia’s natural ingredients, 18 g of protein and only 4 g of sugar makes on-the-go nutrition easier than ever before by providing the ideal balance of protein, fiber and healthy fats. The expanded distribution will grant more consumers across the country access to convenient, healthier options in their hometowns.

“We are working to ensure that consumers across the country are able to purchase Koia wherever they shop, and Target will be a pivotal partner in achieving these goals,” said Chris Hunter, Koia’s co-founder and CEO. “As the plant-based category continues to gain familiarity and popularity, we are excited to expand our retail availability nationwide into now 5,000 stores with Target.”

In January 2019, Koia expanded its existing product offerings with Koia Keto, a new Keto-friendly beverage line consisting of three flavors including Chocolate Brownie, Cake Batter and Caramel Crème. Koia Keto helps provide a fast source of clean fuel for the body and brain, with each of the ketogenic drinks containing 12 g of plant protein, 0 g of added sugar and MCT oil that is packed with 14 g of medium chain triglycerides. Koia Keto is available at Whole Foods Market and DrinkKoia.com.

For further information please visit DrinkKoia.com. Fans can also follow Koia on Facebook at Facebook.com/DrinkKoia as well as Instagram and Twitter @DrinkKoia.

About Koia

Koia is a 100 percent plant-based protein drink made naturally craveable and nutritious using simple ingredients without compromising flavor. Koia keeps in things consumers recognize, such as almonds, pea, brown rice and hemp, and keeps out things you do not want, such as excess sugar, artificial ingredients and GMO’s. All Koia flavors including the nine essential amino acids for a complete protein and provide plant powered nutrition on the go as it is ready to drink with no mixing, stirring or shaking. Koia launched nationally at Whole Foods Market in September 2016 and is headquartered in Los Angeles where the drink is manufactured and produced. In addition to Target, Koia is available for $3.99 at Walmart, Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Wegmans, Publix, H-E-B, Fred Meyer, The Fresh Market and online at DrinkKoia.com, Amazon Fresh, Peapod and Jet.